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CBS saw some unusual commentator-on-commentator crime Saturday following West Virginia’s 83-71 win over Notre Dame, which wrapped up with announcer Verne Lundquist saying the WVU band would have to start learning how to play “Do you know the way to San Jose?” (site of the West regional semifinals and finals). New York studio host Greg Gumbel then said “Well, there’s only one stumbling block between the Mountaineers and San Jose, and that will be the winner of the Gonzaga-Northwestern matchup.” The problem? The game between WVU and that winner will be a regional semifinal, and it will be played in San Jose next Thursday. Here’s the clip:

Plenty on Twitter were quick to point out Gumbel’s error:

Gumbel was probably thinking ahead to the regional final, which will feature the winner of WVU’s Sweet Sixteen matchup against Gonzaga or Northwestern, and will also take place in San Jose. However, he was wrong with the correction here, considering that the Sweet Sixteen game will be played there as well. The Mountaineers band can definitely go ahead and start learning the 1968 Grammy-winning Dionne Warwick hit, and as for Gumbel, he might learn to be a bit more careful when correcting Uncle Verne. Or maybe instead of watching TV everywhere in the endless AT&T commercials during this tournament, he can instead use his devices to Google “NCAA tournament Sweet Sixteen locations.”


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