Fans at the New England Patriots-Oakland Raiders game in Mexico City chanted gay slurs during kicks made by the Pats, but viewers at home for the most part did not hear them. According to OutSports, CBS used crowd noise to drown out the slurs on most occasions, but they were heard during one kick.

As the Raiders were the “home” team at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, fans yelled the slur whenever the Patriots kicked off or punted. It’s a strategy done during soccer games involving the Mexican soccer team.

Last year, the slur “puto” was heard clearly during ESPN’s telecast of the Houston Texans-Raiders and apparently caught the network by surprise. The slur is heard during Mexican international soccer matches and it had reached the point where national team officials had appealed to fans not to use it. FIFA has fined the team over the chants, but fans continue to yell the slur.

Thus CBS and the NFL were both aware of the issue and took action. CBS using crowd noise from the production truck while the league made public address announcements during the game. However, it’s known that making PA announcements only dares the crowd even more to chant the slurs.

The slur has been part of a widespread problem of homophobia and anti-Semitism at soccer games both in Mexico and Europe. There have been attempts to curb the troubling behavior, but so far they continue.

CBS at least made sure fans could not hear the gay slurs on Sunday.


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  • I mentioned this to my wife, and she felt that they should have at the very least told fans at home about the slurs, if not letting it through and making it clear that this is not to be tolerated. It’s not good journalism to hide this, is it?

    • David

      I was thinking about this and had the same initial thought that you did. But then I realized that if CBS let that go through unchecked, then it gives license to those fans to continue chanting knowing they have a bigger audience. And to talk about the slur is to give rise to the fans that would use it and want it to be heard. It’s a slippery slope, but I think CBS played this off the right way. Next year when the NFL is back in Mexico City, it becomes a non-story and the next set of broadcasters need not address it.

  • Azarkhan

    Can’t afford to let ‘people of color’ look bad. That goes against Democratic Party ideology, and we all know the media and Hollywood is run by Democrats for the benefit of the Democratic Party. The only exception of Fox News.

  • UBloMe

    Silly faggots, Dicks are for chicks.

  • SL

    Hear’s a bet.
    ESPN will not mention the the use of homophobic slurs from the stands.
    The weak and timid management is fearful of offending the Mexican fans.

  • Lorenzo St. Dubois

    “It was an act of love”
    – Jeb Bush

  • noonan18

    Even though this is unrelated, I have always suspected these networks use fake crowd noise to make their games/races/matches sound much more exciting than they really are. This confirms it and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

  • MBG9

    Why hasn’t ANYONE reported on how CBS started the game LATE (2:20 in, missed kickoff, anthems, first plays), and left it EARLY (4:00+ minutes left). Ridic.