Rece Davis Offers Up “A Face Full Of Johnson”

In last night’s Holiday Bowl, Texas defeated Cal 21-10 in a game that lacked any sort of real excitement whatsoever.  That’s what the Holiday Bowl and all these other hideously boring early bowls get for not inviting a MAC team.  The highlight of the night may have actually come from the booth though, and I’m […]

Shaq And Barkley Seem To Be In Midseason Form On TNT

NBA fans for the most part have embraced TNT’s more casual and, for the lack of a better word, goofy coverage of the NBA. Rather than shaping Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley into more polished and vanilla analysts, TNT has developed their studio coverage to center around their personalities and chemistry. It has worked very well […]

The 2011 Pyrotechnics Awards – Vote For Best And Worst Studio Personality

In today’s year end awards, we shift our focus from the broadcast booth to the studio for voting on the best and worst studio personality of 2011.  Today’s polls include both studio hosts and analysts… and whatever Skip Bayless proclaims himself to be.  In case you missed any of the previous polls, you can still […]

Cricket Cameraman Goes Down Under On Segway

Remember when the Segway was supposed to be the invention that changed lives?  No?  Good, neither do I.  Anyways, it seems those crazy blokes in Australia have finally found a good use for Segways to capture some on-field shots of cricket players warming up for matches. The following video comes courtesy of Joe the Cameraman, […]

The Don Cherry Piano Desk Is Simply Amazing

In any form of public speaking, one must always be aware of what one is doing with his or her hands.  Hand gestures are important to either accentuate the message you may be trying to get across to the audience, or they can become distracting to the point that it ruins any form of effective […]

Will Jon Gruden Pull An Urban Meyer And Leave ESPN?

Since “that guy” Jon Gruden stepped into the MNF booth, many have wondered when he would jump ship from ESPN and return back to coaching. Well after several denials, the “Gruden could be our next coach” rumors are surfacing again. And Gruden is denying, again. The local Chargers news outlet, Sign On San Diego, is […]


Kevin Harlan Channels The Penguin Thanks To This Lakers Fan

The Lakers avoided an 0-3 start by blowing out the Jazz at Staples Center in Los Angeles Tuesday night.  However, the major story of the night in the NBA (besides Norris Cole) was this Lakers fan courtside.  Although the long straw actually invokes images of The Penguin, I’m more inclined to say this fella looks […]

Vote For Your Week 16 Dickies Nominees!

Only two weeks to go in the first ever Dickies Awards.  Can anyone catch Dick Stockton or is he destined to claim this historic prize?  There are a lot of great quotes to choose from this week.  Here are your Week 16 nominees… 1) “This Jets crowd is really in favor of the Jets today” – […]

The 2011 Pyrotechnics Awards – Vote For Best & Worst Game Analyst

Yesterday we kicked off our year end Pyrotechniiiiiics Awards with polls for the best and worst play by play person of the year.  Today, we shift over a chair for voting on the best and worst game analyst of 2011.  As with yesterday, there are a few peope that inspire enough praise and criticism to […]

Betty White Starred In The Latest Monday Night Football Intro

Last night’s Monday Night Football game between the Falcons and Saints featured an interesting choice to do the game’s introduction: former Golden Girls star Betty White.  I know White has achieved cult status over the years, mainly stemming from her stint hosting Saturday Night Live, but this video was just… bizarre. The majority of the […]

The 2011 Pyrotechnics Awards – Vote For Best & Worst Play By Play

To close out the year we’re expanding our year end awards vote to include several categories beyond best and worst announcer of the year.  In trying to think of a name for these awards (because the Awfulies just sucked), I drew inspiration from our favorite clip of the year – PYROTECHNICS!!  Actually, the name kinda […]


NBA Ratings Up On Christmas Day

With any lockout, there is bound to be backlash against the sport and fans vowing never to watch another game.  With the frustration of intense negotiations and infuriating tactics used in the NBA Lockout, the Association didn’t do their fans any favor.  The “millionaires vs billionaires” tag was an all too easy label for the […]