Lou Holtz Is A Greaser, Wants To Cut Mark May

I really thought I was going to end the year with the Illinois pep talk, but Lou Holtz just blew (blowed?) my mind. Lou, Rece Davis, and Mark May were talking about the Chick-Fil-A Bowl when Holtz said he wouldn’t even go out for New Years Eve because this game is so good. Mark May […]

Lou Holtz Gets The Last Post Of The Year

How much does ESPN want you to watch the Rose Bowl? This much…. I’ve seen possibly 400 ads regarding the Rose Bowl these past two weeks. There were ads in magazines, promos during every Bowl Game on ESPN, and Brent Musburger was trying to get me to watch the game in my dreams (or […]

The Patriots Still Aren’t In Mercury Morris’ Imaginary Neighborhood

I have no idea why First Take (and myself for that matter) keeps giving this guy airtime, but here’s our friend Mercury Morris giving Michelle Bonner a hard time on ESPN this morning. Not only does he say that the Patriots haven’t accomplished anything yet he also flips out on the Parcells piece ESPN did….. […]

Hey, Someone Won An I-Phone!

I almost forgot to look up the Final Standings of the Free I-Phone Pick Em Contest (mainly because I forgot to make my picks last week). Thanks again to Lijit for hooking AA up with the phone and thanks to everyone who participated. You’re winner is…. MIKE PRADA of Bullets Forever!!! Congrats to Mike and […]

Breaking News: Ravens Fire Billick

This isn’t normally in my line of posting, but Jay Glazer just broke the news that the Ravens have fired Billick and I want to do a little test. I got the information at about 1:30, so I’m going to see how long it takes Chris Mortensen to “break” the news himself. The over/under is […]

Your Post Season Pammy Standings

I got rid of the Paul Maguire quote because he was apparently referring to a quote from a former coach. Here are the current leaders….let me know if you agree or disagree. 10. “There’s Taylor Hicks and he dated your wife at Auburn didn’t he?”- Terry Gannon to David Norrie 9. “The tiger is fast, […]

ESPN’s Most Annoying Features Also Its Most Popular

It’s the end of a crazy year in Sports and ESPN was/is obviously the leader in the AA clubhouse for number of mentions over the 365 days. I’ve been through the reasoning before so we won’t go back into that, but I did want to bring a few things to light. The two things I […]

Lakers Bring Back The Short Shorts For 80s Night

There are some things that should never be brought out of the time capsule. I enjoy throwbacks and the theme nights just as much as the next person, but there’s absolutely no reason that the shorts players wore in the 80s should used for games today. Well the Lakers didn’t listen to me Sunday night….. […]

SNF Live-Blog: TEN-IND, 2nd Half

A young Tony Dungy as a Steelers coach with Chuck Noll and future Colts O-coordinator Tom Moore. New rules for this half: given the propensity and probability that this half will consist mostly of three and outs, I will, rather than try to get the game action, catalog the myriad of non-Colts or Titans related […]

SNF Live-Blog: TEN-IND, 1st Half

Vince Young, making the rounds at an ATP men’s tennis tour stop in his hometown of Houston. I will be live-blogging this game while participating in EDSBS’ drinking game with the Independence Bowl. Wish me luck! OK, here we go with John and Al, and let’s see how much Peyton is actually playing tonight. John’s […]

TEN-IND Pre-Game Thread

S2N back with you again, and you won’t be seeing too much of this guy above in Titans-Colts tonight. This game, despite the likely viewing of Jim Sorgi for much of it, means something, as everyone in Cleveland is officially a Colts fan for the next four hours. Titans win and they’re headed to San […]

Bowl Season Open Thread: The Independence Bowl

I bet you didn’t even know there was a game tonight did you? I’ll be flipping back and forth between the Bowl game and the Titans-Colts game, but don’t pay attention to me…..check out S2N’s Live-Blog for the night. The last game of the regular season. I’ll update the Post Season Pammies Top 10 Tomorrow […]

A Ton Of People Watched History Last Night

34.5 Million people to be exact. How does that rate in the overall scheme of things this year? Well it’s the most watched show this season and was right behind last February’s Academy Awards….. Based on fast national ratings, an average of 34.5 million viewers* tuned into Patriots-Giants – ranking as the most watched show […]