Victor Conte blocked me on Twitter, and he won’t leave me alone

Oscar Wilde once wrote, in a widely paraphrased comment, that you can judge a man by the quality of his enemies. Victor Conte, the notorious all-time great performance enhancing drug supplier turned self-styled anti-PED reformer, has spent the last several days attacking me on Twitter. On a Wilde-an level, that might make me a great, […]


12 Brutal Rounds on SportsCenter: When Floyd Mayweather fought Brian Kenny and not Manny Pacquiao

This week marks the five year anniversary of one of the most memorable and entertaining interviews ever conducted on ESPN. Promoting his return fight from a brief retirement, Floyd Mayweather took to SportsCenter in hopes of drumming up interest for his bout against Juan Manuel Marquez. Fireworks ensued as Mayweather’s interview with SportsCenter anchor and […]