Tom Brady expresses his appreciation for the F-word

The last couple of weeks in the NFL have been emotional games for the Patriots, or at least for Tom Brady, because cameras have captured him dropping words on the sidelines that even the most novice of lip readers can interpret: For what it’s worth, Brady’s had no apologies, not that he should. In a […]


Faux Pelini’s Twitter reaction to Bo Pelini’s firing was classic

Yesterday, the University of Nebraska announced that it had fired its head football coach, Bo Pelini, effective immediately, after seven seasons and zero conference titles. Despite a 9-3 season this year, it was not enough to save Pelini’s job, and he will not coach whatever bowl game the Huskers end up in. As soon as […]


John Beilein goes off on ESPN for late tip-off time

Last night, tip-off of the final of the Legends Classic between Villanova and Michigan got pushed back 15 minutes, to 10:15 PM ET because of a football game between Ohio and Miami (OH). The game aired on ESPN2 and was an extremely close contest until Villanova ultimately came away with a 60-55 win, thanks to […]


Some people forgot the Onion was joking about Jay Cutler

The Onion is known for its satire. This is not news to anyone. The Chicago Bears are having an abysmal season. This is also not news. But, after Chicago was humiliated at Green Bay, 55-14, on Sunday, abysmal and anger won out over logic and reason, because some people took The Onion’s story, “Jay Cutler: […]


Jadeveon Clowney likes a picture on Instagram, faces wrath

Texans linebacker Jadeveon Clowney was too sick to play in yesterday’s game against the Eagles. He was not too sick, however, to “like” a picture on Instagram, and now apparently this is a thing that is an actual issue. Philadelphia Daily News Writer Tom Mahon devoted part of a column to it under the headline […]


Tim Tebow’s Florida criticism proves he has a future as an analyst

Of all the things we’ve ever accused Tim Tebow of being, “objective” is not one of those things. He was a Gator. He won two national titles. He was Urban Meyer’s guy. Tim Tebow WAS the University of Florida. And then ESPN brought him on as an analyst for the SEC Network. Of course, there […]


Luke Wilson may play Roger Goodell on the silver screen

Remember back in June when we told you there was going to be a movie about concussions in the NFL, starring Will Smith? Well, the latest in casting news/rumors is that Luke Wilson is in talks to play NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. The movie still doesn’t have a name and doesn’t appear to be on […]


FINALLY, Men’s Health tells us how to talk about sports with women

I really thought that at some point, the Girls Guide to “fill in the condescending blank here” would come to an end. It’s a tired and cliched point. However, Men’s Health posted something yesterday about “the secret to talking sports with any woman” in what was clearly a click-bait post. Men’s Health would go on to […]


Jim Harbaugh says Deion Sanders is full of crap

Deion Sanders, former 49er and current NFL Network Analyst recently made a comment about how current San Francisco head coach Jim Harbaugh’s players want him gone from the team. A little early in the season for these kinds of rumors, but there you have it. Well, after the 49ers came from behind to beat the […]

Adrian Peterson's mugshot

Dallas radio guy wants Adrian Peterson to play for the Cowboys

At the end of August, my oldest niece started first grade. Both her parents have PhD’s in physics, so I often joke that she’s already smarter than me, which is probably true. Right now, I must have the reading comprehension of an amoeba, because I had the misfortune of reading the column of a Dallas […]


Tim Tebow was a natural on his Good Morning America debut

Tim Tebow made his debut on Good Morning America during a segment called “Motivate Me Monday.” He looks more relaxed than you could possibly imagine for his morning show debut. More and more people are becoming convinced this television thing might work out for him after all… The segment features Deven Jackson, a ten-year old […]


Chicago Tribune columnist calls Bears season over after one game

Yesterday was not a good day to be a Bears fan and/or have Jay Cutler as one of your fantasy quarterbacks. Chicago not only lost to Buffalo, but they did it at home in OT. Well, Steve Rosenbloom of the Chicago Tribune wrote a gem of a column (where is the damn sarcasm font when you […]


espnW retracts derided fantasy football marriage rankings

Last week, we were subjected to some asinine, condescending fantasy football advice, courtesy of espnW, in which players were ranked by whether or not they were considered marriage material vs. a one-night stand. Well, apparently enough people found this to be offensive and patronizing, because espnW is now changing their tune. They’ve added an “editor’s […]