Video: Hawk Harrelson calls Asian pitchers “Orientals” for the second night in a row

Hawk Harrelson’s subjectivity is often a topic of debate, but there’s no debating his latest misstep. The polarizing White Sox broadcaster used the term “Orientals” on Comcast Sportsnet Chicago for the second night in a row on Thursday when discussing Boston Red Sox reliever Junichi Tazawa’s delivery. On Wednesday night, he did the exact same thing while talking about […]


Video: The Best of Hot Dog Eating Contest emcee George Shea

Imagine Don King and Ray Hudson fused into a single human being. That’s what we have in George Shea, who serves as the host and comic relief for the annual Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. Shea’s over-the-top introductions are as much a Fourth of July tradition as the contest itself. He was at it […]


Giraffe Gaffe: Delta Airlines drops the ball congratulating Team USA

With Team USA opening its World Cup schedule against Ghana on Monday, everyone expected American corporations to they did. Delta was one such corporation. Amid the excitement of a thrilling 2-1 victory by the United States, the airline tweeted this graphic of the final score with both countries represented by generic stock photos: As you […]


The Don Cherry Playoff Wardrobe Retrospective: (2014, Part II)

Now that the NHL season is over, it’s time to put a bow on our Don Cherry Playoff Wardrobe Retrospective series for another year. Sad, we know. But cheer up, and get your retinas ready. Unlike last season, the polarizing Hockey Night in Canada pundit gave us so many eye-popping outfits this time around that it required two […]


Video: CBC cuts out, switches to NBC during Stanley Cup celebration

Canada’s national broadcaster had a bizarre technical glitch that very nearly came at the worst possible time. CBC’s feed dropped and suddenly switched to a split-screened version of the NBC broadcast in the immediate aftermath of the Los Angeles Kings’ Stanley Cup victory over the New York Rangers in double overtime early on Saturday morning. […]


Jalen Rose thinks golf prodigy plays tennis

ESPN’s NBA Draft Lottery coverage on Tuesday night coincided with its broadcast of Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat, which meant viewers got draft analysis from Bill Simmons, Doug Collins and Jalen Rose. Before the lottery took place, Rose went on an impassioned rant against the […]


The Don Cherry Playoff Wardrobe Retrospective (2014, Part I)

Last year, during the NHL playoffs, we decided to document Hockey Night in Canada pundit Don Cherry’s clothing. After we finished rinsing out our eyeballs, we thought, “Why not do it again?” Well, here we are just about halfway through the 2014 postseason and there have already been a ton of eyesores on the Coach’s Corner set. […]


Chris Webber goes on a rant against courtside cameramen

Chris Webber has a message for the NBA. The former player and current TNT analyst had something to get off his chest during the closing stages of Game 1 between the Washington Wizards and Indiana Pacers after watching Marcin Gortat fall awkwardly under the hoop late in the fourth quarter (Gortat language warning at 0:12): Wizards […]


The rejected kiss Raptors fan is embracing his sudden fame

It’s been quite a week for Matt Muszak and his girlfriend, Sandra Chenier. On Wednesday night in Toronto, Matt was caught on national television going in for a kiss and getting denied by Sandra during a critical moment of Game 5 between the Raptors and the Brooklyn Nets. The moment first appeared here, and went […]


David Aldridge gave an emotional pre-game report before Clippers-Warriors

As expected, emotions ran high before Game 5 between the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night. With the basketball world still affected by the news of Clippers owner Donald Sterling receiving a lifetime ban and $2.5 million fine for making racist remarks that were caught on tape, the pre-game scene at […]


Don Cherry Wore a Bruins Tie on Coach’s Corner

Don Cherry has a reputation as the Craig Sager of Canada. The Hockey Night in Canada pundit gets CBC viewers talking on a nightly basis during the playoffs with his lavish outfits, but he’s usually careful not to show any major leanings in his choices. Monday night was another story. That’s a Boston Bruins tie he’s wearing. […]


Keith Hernandez Ogles Female Fan Eating Huge Hot Dog

Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez has already been in the news this week thanks to the Brooklyn Cyclones and their upcoming “magic loogie” bobblehead giveaway. Now, he’s relevant for another reason. Hernandez and play-by-play man Gary Cohen were calling the Mets-Diamondbacks game on Tuesday night for SNY when the cameras found a couple in the stands […]