Florida v Georgia

Georgia dropped a recruit because of their tweets

Twitter is a public space: A fact that many tweeters forget. In 2014, most high school football players are heavily active on social media and some use it better than others. Many highly touted recruits can use social media as a valuable PR machine, setting announcement dates and keeping their fans – and people that […]


College football players want NCAA 15 back, too

The news that EA Sports would not release an NCAA football video game for 2014 was not surprising – considering the ongoing Ed O’Bannon trial concerning image and likeness – but it was disappointing. And it wasn’t just college football fans that were despondent, college football players were as well. CBS Sports’s Jon Solomon reported […]


Nick Saban press conference maligned by heavy breathing

The SEC Media Days were almost over. Steve Spurrier and Les Miles had already spoken and Alabama coach Nick Saban was the biggest name still remaining on the docket. Saban arrived in his usual fanfare and his speech was off to a fine start, referencing the team’s progress and the upcoming season. Just as the […]


Cupcake shop reports LeBron’s return to Cleveland

NBA free agency brings out the worst in all of us. Everyone is a source, everyone has sources, and those sources may or may not have heard something secondhand that is most definitely probably happening, maybe. The 2014 case of LeBron James being the worst example of speculative prognostication. While veteran reporters fully vet their sources and file […]


And your Mr. July is Aaron Hernandez

The University of Florida football team has made some questionable decisions in the past few years. From missing out on a bowl game last season to forgetting how playing on offense works, even blocking a teammate, the on-field results have not been worthy of much acclaim. Maybe to promote the team and instill a little […]


Jeopardy! contestants lack Big Ten knowledge

I’ll take “Trick Questions for 2000, Alex.” For many of us, the nightly Jeopardy! episode is the hope to guess a few Shakespeare-based questions correctly and hope for some sports categories. But for the three contestants, the sports category was their worst nightmare, a nuisance in place of botanical questions. Here’s the one they got […]

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 11.40.22 PM

Kings fan wears heels on ice, regrets it

Wearing high heels onto ice is not advisable. L.A. is very much a hockey town, with very loyal, committed fans. This team and its fans fought through decades of hardship, the arrival and departure of Wayne Gretzky and these jerseys to win two Stanley Cups in three seasons. While the interviews and celebrations were happening […]

Mississippi sportswriter fired for besmirching Louisiana

Matthew Stevens, former Mississippi State beat writer for the Columbus, Miss. Commercial Dispatch, was fired on Monday morning after he aired some grievances about Lafayette, La. on his radio show. Stevens apparently had a miserable time covering baseball in Louisiana, so bad that he spent a solid five minutes with his show’s co-host crafting […]


Network misses final game of French Open, and it wasn’t NBC!

Some things in sports television are sacred: Portraying the action to the fullest extent; airing a gratuitous amount of beer commercials; going to commercial after every punt and/or kickoff; and, most importantly, staying with a game or match until the final conclusion. Leaving the scene of an event is acceptable only in the case of […]


SEC Nation talent lineup includes Tim Tebow and Paul Finebaum

Coming this fall, there will be another traveling college football pregame show to pretend to watch while College Gameday is on. “SEC Nation” on the yet-to-be-launched SEC Network, will seemingly compete with its fellow ESPN college football road show, but only travel to SEC locations. Launching Aug. 14, the long-rumored talent lineup was officially announced […]

ESPN Digital Center 2  -  November 4, 2013

ESPN Death Star has grand opening ceremony

Keeping up appearances in the sports media world is a necessary and expensive undertaking. Doing so with an ever-crowding field of competitors makes it even more vital to a network’s success. ESPN held a grand opening ceremony for its new 194,000-sq. foot Digital Center 2 – or DC-2 – on Monday, making the $178 million […]


Nick Saban tells reporter “kiss my ass”

The college football offseason for Nick Saban is strenuous, but necessary. He temporarily removes the football coach hat and puts on his political hairpiece. Traveling around Alabama and the surrounding states on his whirlwind Crimson Caravan tour, Saban makes appearances at benefit dinners, hotel events, even golf tournaments, answering reporters’ questions at every turn because […]


NBC posts record ratings for EPL Championship Sunday

NBC has taken good care of the English Premier League this season, giving it a reliable home where it can be appreciated and broadcast without interruption. To finish a season of stellar production value, NBC Sports went wild with the final Sunday – the only day in which every team plays at the same exact […]


Video: Regis Philbin pies Katie Nolan

Just last week we sadly learned that Fox Sports 1′s oddball show Crowd Goes Wild is ending its run on May 8. But just to give its fans a nice sending off, they had Regis Philbin throw pies into the faces of Katie Nolan and Peter Schrager if they spelled a former NFL Draft pick’s […]

sec network2

The distribution fight over SEC Network is getting ugly

With the SEC Network premiere date looming ever closer, the cable and satellite providers who have yet to sign on seem to be getting nervous. A new ad campaign called “SEC Fans First” surfaced on Outkick the Coverage before it was supposed to go public, depicting a sad grandma saying she won’t be allowed to watch […]