Roddy White vows to bounce back strong for his fantasy owners

The NFL season kicked off in earnest on Sunday which means countless pun-named fantasy football teams also started their season. Roddy White had a fine game hauling in 6 receptions for 87 yards as the Dirty Birds cruised to a win in their opener on the road against the Chefs Chiefs. Still, Roddy wasn't completely […]

Dave Barnett will return to announce a North Texas football game

In great news it appears that Dave Barnett will be returning to the booth this week to announce a North Texas football game. This is fantastic to hear after a scary rambling incident earlier this summer during a Texas Rangers game left many concerned for his career and more importantly his health. Barnett is a Mean […]

Here’s Aaron Taylor’s best attempt to describe a calamitous play

Minnesota and UNLV kicked off the season in a game that took three overtimes to decide late last night. It was a sloppy game between two teams that combined for five wins last year that you could have watched if you stayed up until nearly 3 a.m. in the east and happened to know that […]

The Colts intend to blackout games unless completely sold out

Here's a trend we hope doesn't catch on: the Colts are intending on blacking out games locally if not sold out despite the NFL relaxing their mandatory black out rules. Pete Ward, the Colts Chief Operating Officer, had this to say regarding the teams decsion: We’re a small-market team, and we need people in the […]

Dan Le Batard delivers hilarious Miami Heat championship rant

When LeBron decided to take “his talents to South Beach” a couple years ago, Dan Le Batard celebrated “LeBronakuh” with a classic rant on his radio show in Miami. Le Batard was more than happy to embrace the villain role and has gloated with similar rants usually after the Heat had closed out a playoff series. […]

Dan Le Batard honors awful, awful speedo bet with Charles Barkley

The Miami Heat captured the NBA Championship last night in South Beach cruising to a series-clinching blowout win over the Thunder. Still, there was one particularly terrible bit of unsettled business from last year’s season in the form of an abhorrent bet between Dan Le Batard and Charles Barkley. If you remember these two Adonis’ […]

Ukranian reporter attempts to navigate drunken Dutch parade at Euro 2012

A Ukranian TV station had the brilliant idea of putting a camera with an attractive reporter in the middle of a seemingly never-ending parade of well-served Dutch fans on their way to a Euro 2012 match. Let’s check the video that comes via Sportsgrid to see if the tape was able to catch any shenanigans […]

Joe Gibbs Racing was confused with Vanilla Ice at the Pocono 400

Nascar Sprint Cup racing, early 90’s pop music and Twitter combined for a pretty great blooper during yesterday’s Pocono 400 where Vanilla Ice was serving as the all-important Grand Marshall of the race. Anyways, early in the race Joe Gibbs Racing team member Denny Hamlin took the lead which inspired their Twitter account to shoot […]

Jon Stewart attended the Mets first ever no-hitter and recorded his reaction

Jon Stewart opened Monday night’s Daily Show with video he personally recorded from his seats at Citi Field of Johan Santana completing the first no-hitter in New York Mets history. In the short clip he captured his family’s joyous reaction and then turned the camera on himself for what potentially might be documentation of the […]

NBC bans Stanley Cup playoff viewing parties

According to Fire and Ice, NBC has banned both the Rangers and the Devils from having viewing parties at their arenas for the remainder of their Conference Finals series. This Scrooge-like move was “ratings related” as they felt that fans showing up and watching the playoff games together might have a negative impact when the […]

Jay Pharoah’s unaired SNL impression of Stephen A. Smith was outstanding

There might be no one easier on ESPN to parody than Stephen A. Smith. He has that patented style that combines extreme exasperation with extreme yelling for basically no good rhyme or reason. SAS’s diabolical combination with Skip Bayless in the faux sports debate style show First Take on ESPN2 might just be the worst […]

Kris Humphries parodies his douchebaggery in Funny or Die video (NSFW)

  New Jersey Brooklyn Nets center Kris Humphries has found himself in the unenviable position where seemingly the majority of people feel that he is a colossal douchebag. It’s an odd situation because none of Humphries’ perceived douchbaggery seems to have stemmed from anything NBA-related but rather from his appearance on one of those vapid Kardashian […]


The 2012 NFL Draft is finally under way. NFL fans around the country are extremely excited about the draft as it’s the culmination of a year’s worth of absurd hype and prepostorous analysis. But maybe no one is as excited as ESPN’s Chris Berman. Here he is giving the intro to tonight’s draft. If someone […]

Calvin Johnson will be on the cover of Madden 2013

Calvin Johnson will be the next athlete featured on the cover of the absurdly popular Madden video game series. Megatron defeated Cam Newton in the finals of the 64 player tournament to get the honor. Johnson now gets the privilege of being hounded by questions about if the Madden curse is real and if he […]