Hannah Storm’s candid take on the NFL and Ray Rice

Hannah Storm closed out a recent edition of SportsCenter in an emotional way football fans won’t soon forget. Storm commented on the Ray Rice situation and candidly connected the situation to her own personal life, revealing questions she’s had to answer from her own daughter. Storm challenged the NFL, asking what the league stands for […]


Ickey Woods does the “Ickey Shuffle” in GEICO ad

GEICO is a company we rip on regularly here at Awful Ads. Rightfully so. Most of their ads are just abysmal attempts to appeal to a demographic we haven’t quite yet figured out. Still, every now and then GEICO churns out an ad we can’t help but praise. The Dikembe Mutombo spot is a perfect example. […]

30 For 30

You can now own every single 30 for 30

The fifth anniversary of ESPN Films’ 30 for 30 series will be celebrated with the release of a “30 for 30 Fifth Anniversary Collection” on November 25th, 2014. If you’re a fan of 30 for 30 (which you obviously should be) and you’ve been holding off on buying the individual sets, now is your chance to […]


Once upon a time, the NHL was mad at The Simpsons

The NHL has done a lot of silly things over the years. Though the numerous lockouts and the Guardians project come to mind as some of the league’s largest blunders, their angry letter to The Simpsons regarding Krusty the Clown and the Stanley Cup has to be a close contender. In Season 9 of The […]

Gene Chizik

SEC Network adds Gene Chizik and David Greene

SEC Network has announced that they have added two new faces college football fans may be familiar with to round out their studio roster. Former Auburn football coach Gene Chizik and former Georgia QB David Greene have been hired with the hope that both men will be able to offer insight and analysis from their own […]


SEC Network will air school-specific programming for first two weeks

SEC Network is launching with a bang. Following their debut on August 14th, the network will air 14 consecutive days of programming focused on specific SEC schools. These days will include team previews, SEC features and some of the greatest games in each school’s recent history. The 14-day window of coverage will conclude with Texas […]


Jason Whitlock’s ESPN site has finally hired somebody!

After months and months of tumbleweeds, there is finally some definitive momentum with Jason Whitlock’s “Black Grantland” site.  Amy DuBois Barnett will be joining Jason Whitlock’s yet-to-be-named site as an Executive Editor. She’ll manage editorial operations of the site which aims to provide coverage and analysis regarding sports and pop culture for an African-American audience. […]


ESPN retains Nicole Briscoe, who will move to SportsCenter

Nicole Briscoe will continue on with ESPN even after the network’s deal with NASCAR comes to an end. Briscoe has signed a new contract which will place her as an anchor on SportsCenter in addition to taking on other assignments. She previously served as the host of ESPN’s NASCAR Countdown, but with that wrapping up, […]


Michelle Beisner is joining ESPN

Beginning in September, Michelle Beisner will be joining ESPN as an NFL Features Reporter. Her role will involve stories for ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown as well as other player profiles. Beisner is no stranger to the world of football and is a solid addition to ESPN’s NFL broadcast. She has been a studio host and […]


A compilation of Pierre McGuire’s most awkward moments

Ed Note: The following post appears courtesy Bloguin’s national NHL site Puck Drunk Love. Pierre McGuire is an interesting man. The word “interesting” in the previous sentence could be replaced with a lot of different words, but it’s clear that most hockey fans feel that McGuire is one of the most awkward, if not creepy, […]


Video: Here’s an amazing real life version of FIFA

Marius Hjerpseth, an employee at EA Sports, took it upon himself to create a real life version of the FIFA video game much of the world knows and loves. We’ve seen plenty of videos where people try to make a real life version of a video game, but this is one is done especially well. […]


ESPN reaches new deal to televise CrossFit Games

ESPN has reached a new deal to televise the CrossFit Games, beginning with an extensive schedule of coverage for the 2014 CrossFit Games. The network will provide more television coverage than ever before and will feature at least 46 hours of the CrossFit Games on ESPN3. Todd Myers, ESPN’s Director of Programming & Acquisitions commented […]


World Cup quarterfinal matches set records for ESPN

Did you think ratings for the World Cup would shrivel up after the U.S. was eliminated? Think again. ESPN posted some big numbers for both of their World Cup quarterfinal matches, breaking the previous record set in 2010. Colombia vs. Brazil on Friday, July 4th brought in an average of 6,349,000 viewers (a record-high for […]


NBCSN has a record first half of the year

We’ve posted several times about how coverage of the NHL, Premier League, racing and the Sochi Olympics drove some truly impressive numbers on NBCSN. It turns out that those big ratings resulted in the best six-month start to a year in the network’s history. During the first six months of 2014, NBCSN grew its total […]


ESPN broadcast information for the 2014 NBA Draft

Though the NBA world is still buzzing about LeBron James, the 68th NBA Draft will be exclusively shown on ESPN on Thursday, June 26th. Carrying the event for the 12th consecutive year, ESPN will be providing more coverage than any basketball fan could ever hope for. They’ll have an NBA Draft Preview Show on Wednesday […]