Phil Simms might not use Redskins name while working their game next month

Last month, CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus made it clear that if his network’s announcers were to choose not to use the word “Redskins” during live broadcasts involving the NFL team that goes by that name, that’d be OK with him. Now, it looks as though that could come to fruition during the first nationally-televised game […]


Johnny Manziel draws viewership records for preseason opener

On what feels like a weekly basis, we’re reminded how powerful the NFL is. And this week, we received quite a strong reminder when the league’s own channel broadcast Johnny Manziel’s debut in prime time, because NFL Network pulled in a preseason record 2.82 million viewers Saturday night for what would have otherwise been a […]

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The NFL is too uptight for a Weird Al halftime show

Ed Note: The following appears courtesy Bloguin’s central NFL hub This Given Sunday and our own Brad Gagnon. Weird Al Yankovic’s latest album, “Mandatory Fun,” continues to be a top-three seller on the Billboard 200. As a result, he’s experienced one hell of a rejuvenation in the media and among a whole new fan base. […]


James Brown’s public stance on the Redskins name further fuels the media fire

Earlier this month, CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus told the Hollywood Reporter that he would let the network’s talent decide individually whether or not they’d use the Washington Redskins’ increasingly controversial nickname on the air. Generally speaking, we do not tell our announcers what to say or not say,” said McManus. “Up to this point, it […]


NFL teams set to see profits skyrocket as new TV deals take effect

With new television deals officially beginning to kick in from all four major networks that broadcast the NFL, as well as DirecTV, we’re beginning to get a feel for how valuable said contracts are at a franchise level. Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Journal reported on Monday that each NFL club will gain an extra $27 […]


NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV? It’s now possible, with a catch…

It appears DirecTV’s stranglehold on NFL Sunday Ticket has begun to loosen, which is great news for those who don’t subscribe to the satellite service provider but also want to possess the ability to watch out-of-market games of their choice throughout the football season. Introducing, which will provide customers access to Sunday Ticket on […]


Mike Shanahan almost became a Fox color commentator

In May, it was announced that former New York Giants offensive lineman David Diehl would be joining the broadcast booth at FOX. But, presumably before that move was made, another big name out of the NFC East was apparently on the network’s radar. See, Grant Paulsen from 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C., ran into […]


CBS finally hires a rules expert, pulling Mike Carey off the field

In 2010, when Fox Sports hired former NFL officiating czar Mike Pereira to analyze calls both in real time and as somewhat of Monday morning quarterback of the officiating world, few realized how trendy officiating experts would become on television. Since then, ESPN has added former referee Gerry Austin to its Monday Night Football broadcasts and […]


Helmet cams could soon enhance NFL broadcasts

Earlier this month, we looked at the potential impact drones could make on the production of NFL broadcasts. But that’s not the only technological advancement football viewers could benefit from in the years to come. It might only be a matter of time before live NFL broadcasts feature footage from helmet cams. But as has […]

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman has a legitimate reason to boycott the Seattle media

You see stories all the time about professional athletes buying million-dollar homes. And oftentimes, those stories include details about the new property that could allow readers to draw conclusions in regard to its location. Rarely, though, do media outlets go ahead and publish the address of the home in question. The Seattle Times did exactly […]


The NFL’s shady attempt to defend its blackout policy is laughable

It’s been an ugly offseason for the NFL and its teams when it comes to public relations. The Washington Redskins have bungled their attempt to defend their racist name, the Baltimore Ravens have completely botched their handling of the Ray Rice debacle, and now the league itself has launched a graceless effort to defend its […]


Six Atlanta Falcons storylines for Hard Knocks

The Atlanta Falcons aren’t exactly a franchise that evokes razzle and/or dazzle, but the Falcons will nonetheless be featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks this summer. Here are six storylines to keep an eye on. 1) Veteran stars try to hang on: Steven Jackson, Osi Umenyiora and Devin Hester have been to a combined seven Pro […]


Atlanta Falcons will be featured on Hard Knocks

The NFL has confirmed that the Atlanta Falcons will be the subject of this year’s edition of Hard Knocks on HBO. The behind-the-scenes look at training camp, which is co-produced by NFL Films, kicks off a five-episode ninth season on Aug. 5. This year, for the first time, the league approved a policy that would […]


Drones may be coming to an NFL training camp near you

Amazon isn’t the only major corporation flirting with the idea of using drones in order to enhance its product. From Pro Football Talk: Per a source with knowledge of the plans, the NFL’s in-house media conglomerate plans to use drones during production of this year’s Inside Training Camp series on NFL Network.  While not a […]