FILE - In this Aug. 2, 2011 file photo, satellite dishes dot the campus of ESPN in Bristol, Conn. Connecticut is using tax breaks and other financial incentives to attract similar companies, including NBC Sports and Back9Network to what is fast becoming an industry cluster. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

Yes, the announcers of the Cal vs. Hawaii game are not at the game

Many of you have inquired if the announcers for ESPN’s college football opening game between Cal and Hawaii are actually at the game, which is being played in Sydney, Australia (because Larry Scott is the Howard Hughes of conference commissioners).  The answer is… Why? Well, obviously to save some money, although this tactic has typically […]

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Getting to know Last Chance U’s protagonist, Brittany Wagner

At first glance, Netflix’s Last Chance U has the look and feel of most all-access football documentaries. However, the show has received much acclaim for its focus on off-the-field issues, particularly the players’ academics and was recently renewed for a second season. I gave a very favorable review to Netflix’s first foray into a sports […]

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Netflix’s Last Chance U is a once in a decade documentary

Below is a spoiler-free review of Netflix’s six-episode sports documentary debut, Last Chance U. At a later time, I hope to share some thoughts on the series which will include spoilers. I highly encourage fans of the sports documentary genre to strap in and watch with as little information possible as the element of surprise […]


What is the most ridiculous scene in a sports movie?

Have you ever watched a sports movie (or sports scene in any movie) and been totally bewildered by authenticity, logic, or general believability of a particular scene? We asked the editors of The Comeback to share the movie scene they found to be the most preposterous and unforgivable. David Rogers – D2: The Mighty Ducks (knuckle-puck) As a […]


30 for 30 review – Doc & Darryl

Directors – Judd Apatow and Michael Bonfiglio Length – 78 minutes without commercial, 90 minutes. Installment – #85 by my count. ESPN considers this #88 when factoring in Down In Valley is suspended and the OJ was counted as five installments Most Similar To – Unguarded, This Magic Moment Grade/Ranking –  High 40’s Review – Watching Doc & Darryl down the home stretch of its […]

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Getting to enjoy Craig Sager’s special summer is a beautiful thing

Let’s just get the somber reality and elephant in the room out of the way: This season could unfortunately be Craig Sager’s last covering the NBA. I’m not predicting anything, nor am I claiming to have insight into his current health and battle with cancer. That’s just the heartbreaking reality of being in a fight […]


Rumored Andre The Giant Documentary coming to HBO with Jason Hehir directing

There has been a lot of smoke but no fire with Andre the Giant projects of late. For wrestling fans clamoring for a film on wrestling legend, it looks like you’re now in luck, as Awful Announcing has learned the rumored HBO documentary is set to move forward with Jason Hehir directing. If you recall […]


30 for 30 review – O.J.: Made in America

Director – Ezra Edelman Length – 464 minutes (that’s 7 hours and 46 minutes (!!!) without commercials). I’m unsure of the total window of the film with commercials given it airs across 5 windows. Installment – #83-87 of 30 for 30/ESPN Films series. ESPN is labeling the five installments as individuals 30 for 30s, so it’s being labeled […]

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ESPN turned SportsCenter into Stephen A. Smith-Center and it was awful

I’ll give him this – Stephen A Smith is a hard worker. Stephen A started his day embracing debate along side Skip Bayless on the polarizing First Take. He finished his day apologizing to Canada on SportsCenter following Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals. In the middle of his long day, viewers were treated […]


John Skipper and The Undefeated are aiming for a very small bullseye

The Undefeated launched yesterday and first impressions were generally warm spanning the content, the site design, to the general tone of the site.  It’s early and just a like a television show after its pilot episode, I can’t proclaim a definitive affinity for the site but imagine I’ll be a casual reader when I see […]

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Ranking the hot takes in Bill Simmons’ new HBO trailer

Over the weekend HBO rolled out its first preview of Bill Simmons new talk show, Any Given Wednesday, which is set to debut in a little over a month. We don’t get much in this preview in terms of a glimpse of the new set, segments, guests, theme music, etc, but what we do get is a […]


30 for 30 review – Believeland

Director – Andy Billman Length – 90 minutes with commercials (77 minutes without) Installment – #82 of 30 for 30/ESPN Films series Most Similar To – The Band That Wouldn’t Die, Catching Hell Grade/Ranking –  Outside the top 25 Review –  I don’t have much to say about Believeland. It’s like if someone introduced you to a new person and your […]


How ESPN and NFL Network covered the Laremy Tunsil gas mask bong hit

This year’s NFL Draft got a rather unexpected narrative, as top prospect Laremy Tunsil’s Twitter account posted a video of himself taking a fat bong rip out of a gas mask. If this is news to you, I’m sure you have many questions. I’m here to help. – Tunsil was all suited up and at the […]