Cal Bears Football vs. UCLA, Oct 18, 2014, at Cal Memorial Stadium in Berkeley

Behind The Scenes With Pac 12 Network’s The Drive

All Access documentaries and series have mostly been double edged swords. Often winning awards and critical acclaim, the reality is that they typically attract niche audiences that make it hard to turn a profit given the heavy costs of production. Recently Undefeated won the Oscar for best documentary in 2012, yet only brought in a half million […]


A look at the new direction of HBO’s Real Sports

I’ve long been a fan of HBO Real Sports but have found the 2014 season to be my favorite. When Real Sports debuted this season in January, there were many noticeable changes in terms of content, contributors, on screen look, and overall tone. As the year went on, I became curious about the show’s new direction […]

garden was eden

30 For 30 Review – When The Garden Was Eden

Director - Michael Rapaport Length - 90 minutes with commercial (77 minutes without) Installment - #65 of 30 for 30/ESPN Films series Most Similar To - Bad Boys, The Fab Five Grade/Ranking - Mid to high teens out of 65. Review -  For whatever reason, I set the expectation this would be a middle of the road or perhaps even a bottom third 30 for […]

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Tristan Thompson Concludes Interview By Kissing Sideline Reporter

Last we checked in on Tristan Thompson, he was deciding if he should shoot jumpers with his right hand or left, a somewhat odd dilemma to be having at the NBA level. While he may have been indecisive on how to shoot, that indecisiveness seems to not carry over to his on camera persona where […]

brent sam houston

Using Brent Musburger in Florida State-Notre Dame promos is just wrong

At some point I imagine I’ll let it rip with a post on my personal attachment and history tied to Brent Musburger as the lead play by play announcer for ABC/ESPN’s college football coverage. Suffice to say, I’m a fan to the point where friends have heard the story of my affection for Musburger more […]


30 for 30 Review – The Day The Series Stopped

Director - Ryan Fleck Length - 60 minutes with commercial (55 minutes without) Installment - #64 of 30 for 30/ESPN Films series Most Similar To - June 17,1994, Catching Hell Grade/Ranking - Mid to late twenties out of 64 Notes:  1) The screener’s edition featured a non finished version of the film and hence there is a bevy of missing graphics that I […]

anatomy of a scandal

30 For 30 Review – Playing For The Mob

Director - Joe Lavine Length - 90 minutes with commercial (77 minutes without) Installment - #63 of 30 for 30/ESPN Films series Most Similar To - Pony Excess, 9.79 Grade/Ranking - High teens out of 63 Review- I liked Playing For The Mob. I actually liked it quite a bit. With that said, coming up with a grade for this one is somewhat […]

arizona cal hail mary

Television And Radio Calls Of Arizona Hail Mary

If you were asleep, or even worse have DirecTV, you missed quite the finish in tonight’s Cal vs. Arizona game. Cal led 31-13 heading into the 4th quarter. An 18 point lead is never a sure thing, but Cal actually added 2 more touchdowns to bring their point total to 45 points. It wasn’t enough […]

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Season 5

Fox Sports sacrifices NFL Films Presents at the altar of Joe Buck

A couple of weeks ago, it was quietly announced that NFL Films Presents was heading over to FS1. This made me happy, not only for upstart FS1 who was in desperate need of some quality original programming, but also the show itself which was very often lost in the shuffle on ESPN2. NFL Films Presents […]


The evolution of the NFL on Fox score bug

FOX debuted a new NFL score graphic last night. This is what it looks like. I really don’t have any feedback positive or negative, but will say it looks like this new design could potentially hide a top side safety so that might be not ideal. The numbers are bigger so I imagine less squinting […]

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Fox Sports 1 needs to pass the DVR test in Year 2

With the first year anniversary of Fox Sports 1 approaching on Sunday, this week is FS1 Week at Awful Announcing.  Over the course of the week, we’ll analyze the highs and lows of the first twelve months at “the one for fun” and what is in the network’s future. Today, Ben Koo looks at Fox […]

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An introduction to The Locker and other AA news

If you’re a regular to our site, over the last week you may have noticed a change as we’ve implemented Bloguin’s new Locker feature on the site. What is The Locker you ask? We could drop in a lot of buzzwords to describe it like “platform”, “microblog”, “viral content sharing hub”, “curated social media”, and […]


Vin Scully’s Greatest Calls Of All Time

The following post comes to us from The Sports Daily‘s Brian Wright.  The Los Angeles Dodgers announced on Tuesday that long-time announcer Vin Scully will return in 2015 for his 66th season with the team. His reign of greatness in the booth will continue. He started this gig back in 1950. The color television had […]