30 For 30 Review – Chasing Tyson

Director – Steven Cantor Length – 90 minutes with commercials (78 minutes without) Installment – #78 of 30 for 30/ESPN Films series Most Similar To – Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks, 9.79*, The Price Of Gold Grade/Ranking –  Low to mid twenties Review –  In what may end up being our last 30 for 30 for 2015 (we almost always have […]


Shuttering Of Grantland Hints At Corroding ESPN Culture, Competency, And Gumption

There are many terrific articles coming in many different flavors covering ESPN’s decision to pull the plug on Grantland. It’s encouraging to see the outpouring of thoughts, opinions, and support for one the most ambitious sports content ventures the internet has seen. I’ve held back from sharing my thoughts wanting to see if my #hottake […]


30 For 30 Review – The Gospel According to Mac

Director – Jim Podhoretz Length – 120 minutes with commercial (102 minutes without) Installment – #77 of 30 for 30/ESPN Films series Most Similar To – The U, The Fab Five Grade/Ranking – Top 25 Review – In the minutes leading up to Monday Night Football, I saw a commercial for tonight’s 30 for 30. This is what followed: “Shit that’s tomorrow?” “How long is […]

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Daily Fantasy Sports enters the 2016 Presidential Race at GOP Debate

A few years ago, daily fantasy sports didn’t exist.  Now the debate over the DFS boom, and the legality therein, has spilled over to the presidential race. Tonight in the closing moments of Republican Presidential Debate, Jeb Bush got the first opportunity to weigh in on the issue on the national stage as Carl Quintanilla asked if daily […]


30 For 30 Review – The Prince Of Pennsylvania

Director – Jesse Vile Length – 60 minutes with commercial (50 minutes without) Installment – #75 of 30 for 30/ESPN Films series Most Similar To – King’s Ransom, The Marinovich Project Grade/Ranking – Top Ten Review –  I spent a lot of time since watching The Prince Of Pennsylvania mulling where to rank this week’s 30 for 30 Installment. Top Ten? Certainly. […]


30 For 30 Review – Trojan War

Director – Aaron Rahsaan Thomas Length – 90 minutes with commercial (77 minutes without) Installment – #74 of 30 for 30/ESPN Films series Most Similar To – The U, The Fab Five Grade/Ranking – Mid 50’s out of 74 Review- We’re now in our sixth straight fall of 30 for 30’s with Trojan War leading off this season and Volume III of the prestigious […]

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Let’s talk about “Bradley C”, the $349 big winner featured in FanDuel commercials

FanDuel, typically the less evil of the big two daily fantasy companies and with the less obnoxious advertising (barely), has a pretty straight forward ad strategy. No fancy endorsers, no glitzy produced ads, and no jingles, but rather just product shots and user testimonials (although it should noted they’re facing some scrutiny for using NCAA […]

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Spydercam shows entire kickoff return touchdown live and it was glorious

We take things for granted watching as much sports as we do but the reality is, we’re quite spoiled. Pylon cams are here, drones are coming, but let’s not forget about the good ole spydercam. In last night’s game, the production van opted to show kickoff return live via the spydercam (something you rarely see if at […]

INCHEON, SOUTH KOREA - JULY 02:  Players compete in the e-Sports, FIFA 13 semi final against at Samsan World Gymnasium during day four of the 4th Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games on July 2, 2013 in Incheon, South Korea.  (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

Turner Broadcasting launching new competitive gaming league

Turner Broadcasting has launched a new league in partnership with WME | IMG to bring the extremely popular competitive first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to your television. This is the first huge agreement of its kind, and a big development for competitive gaming. As the Daily Dot reports, the league will bring in the top talent from around […]

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FS1 turns Maize and Blue as they go overboard in wooing Michigan and the Big Ten

College football returns tonight and with quite a delicious and large portioned appetizer with Utah hosting Michigan.  Neither team is in the top 25, so if you were to go to a standard CFB scoreboard (which usually by default shows games only with top 25 teams), you’d see Alcorn State vs. Georgia Tech listed as […]

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6 Simple Ways Ballers Could Be Better In Season 2

Ballers just concluded its rookie season and showed enough promise and ratings to get an early green-light for season two. I predicted as much when I did my advanced review in June as The Rock plus flashy subject matter with a young male target audience was very likely going to be enough to make it […]


30 For 30 Review – Angry Sky

Director – Jeff Tremaine (Director of previous 30 for 30 installment The Birth Of Big Air) Length – 90 minutes with commercials (78 minutes without) Installment – #73 of 30 for 30/ESPN Films series Most Similar To – Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau, The Legend Of Jimmy The Greek, The Birth Of Big Air Grade/Ranking – mid 50’s out of 73 Review: Closing […]