The evolution of the NFL on Fox score bug

FOX debuted a new NFL score graphic last night. This is what it looks like. I really don’t have any feedback positive or negative, but will say it looks like this new design could potentially hide a top side safety so that might be not ideal. The numbers are bigger so I imagine less squinting […]

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Fox Sports 1 needs to pass the DVR test in Year 2

With the first year anniversary of Fox Sports 1 approaching on Sunday, this week is FS1 Week at Awful Announcing.  Over the course of the week, we’ll analyze the highs and lows of the first twelve months at “the one for fun” and what is in the network’s future. Today, Ben Koo looks at Fox […]

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An introduction to The Locker and other AA news

If you’re a regular to our site, over the last week you may have noticed a change as we’ve implemented Bloguin’s new Locker feature on the site. What is The Locker you ask? We could drop in a lot of buzzwords to describe it like “platform”, “microblog”, “viral content sharing hub”, “curated social media”, and […]


Vin Scully’s Greatest Calls Of All Time

The following post comes to us from The Sports Daily‘s Brian Wright.  The Los Angeles Dodgers announced on Tuesday that long-time announcer Vin Scully will return in 2015 for his 66th season with the team. His reign of greatness in the booth will continue. He started this gig back in 1950. The color television had […]


30 For 30 Review – Slaying The Badger

Director - John Dower Length - 90 minutes with commercial (78 minutes without) Installment - #62 of 30 for 30/ESPN Films series Most Similar To - 9.79 as well as ESPN-distributed Senna. Grade - Right outside of the top ten. Review- Unless you’re an individual who just can’t enjoy a sports documentary unless it covers a sport you’re overly familiar with, […]


Could a Fox-Time Warner conglomerate become ESPN’s true competitor?

When it comes to these massive potential deals like AT&T’s proposed acquisition of DirecTV or Comcast’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable, for the most part I choose to largely ignore the whirlwind of news and analysis because A) These deals do not have government approval yet and B) It can be painful to wrap […]


Vin Scully Calls His 19th No Hitter

Maybe Nolan Ryan isn’t the only one with a no hitter record that will never be broken. Below Scully’s call of the final out of Kershaw’s gem. Some other clips from the night as this may indeed be the last no hitter Scully calls. On the night Kershaw struck out 15 and walked none. The […]


Can Leagues Step In And Help Teams With Bad Local Television Contracts?

There were a couple of interesting developments to come out of the Bay Area late Tuesday. First, the San Jose Sharks have opted to not renew long term broadcaster Drew Remenda’s contract. Remenda’s unexpected departure from CSN California came as a surprise given his thirteen year history with the team and his status as a […]


What should ESPN do with ESPN Classic?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post on my disappointment that other league owned networks weren’t following in the lead of NFL Network by launching biopic series in the mold of A Football Life. This led to an interesting homework assignment as I got two similar emails from people who inquired the same […]

Celebrities At The Los Angeles Dodgers Game

MLB chooses most overplayed song in sports to promote All-Star Game

No really. Despite being played 3 billion more times leading up to the NFL Draft, despite being played 5 billion times during the actual NFL Draft, and despite being seen another billion times thanks to Beats by Dre, Major League Baseball has rubber stamped using Aloe Blacc’s hit song “The Man” as the backbone for their […]

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Other league networks should follow in NFL Network’s steps with more biopics

A Football Life is good. Sometimes it can be great and sometimes it can be forgettable and that usually ties back to my personal curiosity and interest into the featured individual. Despite the variance of quality, which really is unavoidable for any documentary series that pumps out more than a handful of episodes per year, […]

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Summer 2014 will feature a bevy of huge sports stories

I mostly loathe the summer because of the heat, lack of in season good television, and most importantly, the thin amount of sports outside of baseball. This is traditionally when ESPN and others get a little too creative in filling the void with a lot of loud fluffy content like Titletown, 50 States In 50 […]


Video: Damian Lillard’s Three Sends Portland To The Second Round

We’ll be collecting other calls of this ridiculous game ending shot as we can find them. Below Mike Tirico with a pretty stellar call of Lillard’s buzzer beating series ending shot. Below the local Portland radio call featuring Brian Wheeler (good to start 1:02 in). And the local Portland television call (hoping for a better […]