26 Jan 1986: Defensive coach Buddy Ryan and defensive end Richard Dent of the Chicago Bears celebrate after the Super Bowl XX game against the New England Patriots at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Bears defeated the Patriots 46-10

30 for 30 review- The ’85 Bears

Director – Jason Hehir Length – 120 minutes with commercials (100 minutes without) Installment – #79 of 30 for 30/ESPN Films series Most Similar To – Bad Boys, The Fab Five Grade/Ranking –  Low 20’s Review –  An interesting thought kept popping up in my head while watching The ’85 Bears, another well crafted and compelling 30 for 30 and part of a […]

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Koo’s Corner (A monthly column on sports media!) – January 2016 edition

Welcome to the second installment of Koo’s Corner, a column where I throw a bunch of topics, insights, thoughts, and scoops at you (or more like things I probably could have done full articles on but was some combination of too busy or too lazy to get around to doing). Let’s jump right into it. […]

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Kenny Mayne called a race at Santa Anita and things got real sketchy

Kenny Mayne, one of my favorite ESPN personalities, has a pretty sweet new role with ESPN after what seemed like a few years adrift within the massive mothership.  Mayne’s been given some room to roam doing various features, mostly for Scott Van Pelt’s SportsCenter. Early results have been promising although that’s not really a surprise […]

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Charles Barkley says he hates Skip Bayless, calls out “embrace debate” programming

Not one to be bashful with his opinions, Charles Barkley took direct aim on Monday night at the carnival barking styles of sports talk show pundits that fall under the “embrace debate” content strategy that has increasingly become a staple of sports television. The conversation starts as Barkley is asked (or rather thrown a planned […]


A hockey shootout is not a good time to lose track of the score

Ohio State and Michigan engaged in a pair of exciting hockey games, one of which ended in some rare college hockey fisticuffs. Friday’s game didn’t go that route, but was a great game as Ohio State’s last second goal and a scoreless overtime forced an exciting shootout. That’s when things got sketchy as the announcing […]


After game of his life, Larry Fitzgerald sends his well wishes to Chris Mortensen

In the moments after the Cardinals absolutely bonkers overtime win over the Packers, Larry Fitzgerald took a moment to send this tremendously classy message to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. If you’re unaware, Mortensen was diagnosed with stage IV throat cancer and announced he’ll be stepping away from ESPN. While that’s deflating, it’s refreshing to hear Fitzgerald send […]

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The Alabama buses left without Lane Kiffin after championship win

If you found yourself upset that tonight’s championship game did not provide any Alabama schadenfreude, we have some unexpected good news for you there. Despite doing a hell of a job this year breaking in a new QB and replacing Amari Cooper, Alabama didn’t seem to deem Lane Kiffin important enough to bring back with […]

12 Jan 1991: Kicker Scott Norwood of the Buffalo Bills misses a 47-yard field goal wide right as time runs out to lose the game during Super Bowl XXV against the New York Giants at Tampa Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The Giants won the game, 20-19.

30 For 30 Review – Four Falls Of Buffalo

Director – Ken Rodgers Length – 120 minutes with commercials (100 minutes without) Installment – #79 of 30 for 30/ESPN Films series Most Similar To – Elway To Marino, The Fab Five Grade/Ranking –  Mid 20s Review –  Selected for the coveted post-Heisman ceremony slot which juices up ratings compared to other 30 for 30’s, The Four Falls of Buffalo mirrors the team it covers in […]


Dr. Pepper’s halftime contest of chest passing footballs is dumb

Grumpy Larry David old man rant alert! Although it’s been around for many years, I’ve become increasingly more annoyed with Dr. Pepper’s halftime tuition giveaway contest. I love they are giving scholarship money, as I’m all for anything to help advancing young people’s education and weening them off of Ramen noodles and Natural Light. And although […]


30 For 30 Review – Chasing Tyson

Director – Steven Cantor Length – 90 minutes with commercials (78 minutes without) Installment – #78 of 30 for 30/ESPN Films series Most Similar To – Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks, 9.79*, The Price Of Gold Grade/Ranking –  Low to mid twenties Review –  In what may end up being our last 30 for 30 for 2015 (we almost always have […]


Shuttering Of Grantland Hints At Corroding ESPN Culture, Competency, And Gumption

There are many terrific articles coming in many different flavors covering ESPN’s decision to pull the plug on Grantland. It’s encouraging to see the outpouring of thoughts, opinions, and support for one the most ambitious sports content ventures the internet has seen. I’ve held back from sharing my thoughts wanting to see if my #hottake […]