ESPN uses blurred-out Bill Simmons in NBA Countdown intro with his approval

Former ESPN personality and one-time NBA Countdown panelist Bill Simmons was again featured on NBA Countdown’s season debut Wednesday, but in an unusual way. 25 minutes into the show, they ran a title sequence featuring today’s panelists, complete with a blurred-out outline of Simmons next to Jalen Rose as they walk away from an explosion, […]

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell News Conference

Roger Goodell, some NFL owners see protests’ impact on ratings differently

 Plummeting NFL ratings have been a major sports media story this year, and a number of explanations have been advanced for them, from competition from presidential debates and the baseball playoffs to dilution of the on-field product and expanding national broadcast windows with bad games on Thursdays and in London to officiating to anthem protests […]


“NBA on TNT Road Show” will debut opening night, recur throughout season

Inside The NBA is taking its show on the road. Turner Sports announced Tuesday that they’re launching a new “NBA on TNT Road Show” live from certain marquee NBA games throughout the season, with the first one being next Tuesday’s NBA Opening Night with the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers hosting the New York Knicks. The […]


Nelly joins FS1’s Undisputed as recurring contributor

Is it getting hot in here? Ah, it must be from the news that rapper Nelly has joined FS1’s Undisputed as a contributor to talk sports with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, and will make his first appearance on the show Nov. 1. This won’t be an everyday role for Nelly, as he’s busy with […]


Jon Gruden tries VR during Monday Night Football broadcast

Virtual reality has become big in everything from golf to soccer to the Olympics to college sports to documentaries, and even Jon Gruden’s getting in on it now. During ESPN’s Arizona Cardinals-New York Jets Monday Night Football broadcast, Gruden donned a virtual reality headset, and they then put his view (of what things look like […]

Rolling Stone Derrick Rose

Amidst UVA lawsuit, Rolling Stone quietly deletes article questioning NBA

The latest move from Rolling Stone leaves more questions than answers. The magazine published an online piece by weekly columnist Beejoli Shah last Wednesday that questioned the silence from NBA commissioner Adam Silver and the league on the ongoing Derrick Rose rape trial, as well as  their previous discipline on domestic violence. That piece created […]


Colts-Texans hits five-year SNF low, down 38 per cent from 2015 Week Six

Declining NFL ratings have been a recurring story this year, but yesterday’s Indianapolis Colts – Houston Texans Sunday Night Football matchup illustrated just how far they’ve fallen. That game pulled in just down 38 per cent from the Week Six game a year ago (Colts – Patriots), and the lowest overnight metered-market result for SNF […]


Fly wanders across camera during Oilers-Flames broadcast

The Edmonton Oilers – Calgary Flames NHL broadcast on Canada’s Rogers Sportsnet Friday night had a rather unusual guest—a fly that made its way across the camera. With just over 30 seconds left in the second period and the puck deep in Calgary’s end, the fly decided to leisurely stroll across the primary camera. Here’s […]


For some reason, Chris Broussard seems headed to FS1

A network without a NBA show or a news show hiring a widely-mocked NBA insider? It looks like that’s about what to happen, as leading with “SOURCES,” the greatest and most consistent slam against Broussard): The veteran NBA reporter would fill a hole at Fox Sports for an NBA expert to compete with ESPN’s army of NBA insiders/reporters, […]


Ted Leonsis’ Monumental Sports Network brings OTT to DC sports

There’s been a lot of discussion about ESPN and other national sports TV networks going over-the-top (offering their network on a streaming, standalone basis rather than bundled into a cable or satellite package), but Washington Capitals, Wizards and Mystics owner Ted Leonsis is approaching the equation from the other side. Leonsis’ long-in-the-works Monumental Sports Network, […]


Does Curt Schilling’s latest interview make him unemployable in sports?

Since being fired by ESPN in April, there’s been plenty of discussion about other sports landing spots for Curt Schilling, but none of it’s come to pass. Instead, Schilling has started a radio show focused mostly on politics, contemplated a Senate run and made a variety of political appearances. One of those latest political appearances […]