Raptors official blames ESPN for shot clock power outage

Much of the focus in Saturday’s Raptors-Nets playoff opener was on the malfunctioning shot clock in Toronto, which led to the clock eventually being replaced by a guy with a stopwatch and the P.A. announcer counting down the seconds. That (and general manager Masai Ujuri’s pre-game F-bomb) led to plenty of mockery of the Raptors, […]

“The Outfield” brings focus on LGBT sports issues to Sirius

By and large, national sports talk radio can be pretty homogeneous, focusing on the same stories, the same games and the same talking points. “The Outfield,” a new show debuting on Sirius XM this weekend, certainly can’t be accused of that, as it will focus on LGBT issues across sports. That’s a bold step in […]


CBC cuts 657 jobs and gives up bidding for pro sports rights

The sports world is sometimes viewed as a universe (or toybox) of its own, but the implications it can have on the rest of a media outlet’s operations are substantial. A case in point comes from Canada this week, with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation announcing it plans to cut 657 jobs over the next two years […]


Canadian basketball league boots columnist Morris Dalla Costa before Game 7

Some leagues apparently haven’t learned that attempting to clamp down on journalistic coverage is the best way to generate a ton of negative publicity. We’ve seen that before with access-restricting moves from college football coaches like Steve Spurrier and Brady Hoke backfiring, and now, the trend has apparently come to Canada (late, as Scherbatsky’s Law […]

silver simmons

Personality driven sites bring Pandora approach to sports journalism

This week saw the long-awaited launch of Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight as a part of ESPN, adding to that company’s investment in personality-branded sites. They already have Grantland, led by and based around Bill Simmons, and they’re reportedly working on another site led by and based around relatively-recent hire Jason Whitlock. Bristol isn’t the only company following […]

Is Tom Izzo right about the evils of social media?

It's easy to embrace what social media has brought to sports, with Twitter, Facebook and other services allowing fans and media members across the globe to keep track of and interact with coaches, players and other fans. There are also benefits for the coaches and players who use these services effectively, from getting their message […]

Barring student newspaper from press conference hurts Michigan’s image more

It's not unusual for coaches to demonstrate their frustration with certain media members or outlets by denying access or refusing to answer questions, and this seems especially prevalent in college sports: see Steve Spurrier and Ron Morris, Charlie Strong and the Louisville media, Jim Boeheim and Andy Katz, or Lane Kiffin and everyone. Those moves […]

Dan Le Batard’s ballot opens up a Pandora’s Box of journalistic questions

Ballot pic via Deadspin Dan Le Batard's decision to turn his baseball Hall of Fame ballot over to Deadspin and the subsequent one-year suspension he earned from the Baseball Writers' Association of America has sparked plenty of reaction, including debates about how good the resulting ballot was, the nature of the Hall of Fame itself, the place […]

How much attention should broadcasts pay to people in the stands?

One of the unsettled sports media debates is how much focus a broadcast should put on athletes' significant others in the stands; do you ignore them completely, do you go full Brent Musberger on Katherine Webb, or do you try and find some middle ground?  It may be less than a week into a new […]

Lions erasing questions about Jim Schwartz’s job create even more questions

An important lesson anyone in sports public relations needs to learn is that trying to avoid problematic questions or hide negative storylines often only makes things worse. That would seem to be the case with the Detroit Lions, who have drawn much more negative attention by apparently excising some press conference questions and responses from […]

Newcastle United’s plan to make media pay for access has obvious flaws

North American sports have seen an increasing trend of teams trying to find monetary value in media access through expanded content on (and journalists writing for, which can cause conflicts) team websites, but the idea of charging media outlets for their interviews is still relatively verboten. That's not the case overseas, though, where English businessman […]