About Awful Announcing

Awful Announcing is Sports Blog started by Maryland native and James Madison University graduate Brian Powell. Powell got his start in the Sports Arena as an intern for the WUSA’s Philadelphia Charge and went onto work for the Washington Wizards in early 2004. While those jobs were definitely rewarding they weren’t exactly paying the bills and Powell moved into marketing for a large Homebuilder in the Washington DC Area before starting this website in May of 2006. In early 2007 Powell also signed on to be one of the many outstanding contributors to the Sporting News’ new blogging project. There he provided Weekend Sports Television previews and reviews as well as many other articles throughout the week.

Started as a hobby, Awful Announcing quickly became one of the most talked about and linked blogs on the Internet. The site focuses mainly on the perils and follies of the Sports Media, but also critiques and reviews those within the Sports World. The site has been mentioned on SportsCenter, ESPN Radio, WFAN, and various newspapers throughout the country. AA was also an honorable mention for Best Non-Corporate Sports Web Site in SI.com Richard Deitsch’s annual Media Awards in 2007. The website is also widely known for a penchant of finding videos like no other and catching media members in humorous and/or shocking moments. The site prides itself on having items that no other outlet does and will continue to do so for years to come.

Some of the Sports stories credited to or broken by AA.com include: The USC Song Girl IncidentThe Dana Jacobson Vodka IncidentThe On-Air Breakdown of Yankee Announcer Suzyn WaldmanMike Golic’s On-Air Admission of Steroid UseMatt Vasgersian Trashing The City Of St. Louis, and Eric Cartman Introducing The Colorado Buffaloes

In August 2010, after a brief hiatus, the Bloguin Network acquired Awful Announcing from Brian Powell. Powell will maintain a role with the site, but the heavy lifting will now be done by Matt Yoder, Joe Lucia, Ben Koo and the rest of the AA staff.

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  • Lyle Delp

    Are you aware of what a disaster it is for fans of women’s tennis. The WTA is now on Bein TV, which does not provide a proper HD signal in the US (at least on Xfinity) and has truly insipid announcers who chatter through the coaches advice to the players. This is ridiculous (and worth a scathing story IMHO).

  • ticky13

    How can anyone think this website design is any good? Is there a reason every single piece of text is six point sizes too large? Thankfully the desktop version is actually useable; the mobile site is barely readable with all the headers and misplaced menus.

  • scoots0492
  • BobLee Says

    I can’t remember which of your columnists continue to defend ESPN as “not being hard-left” but you might want to send him this latest rant by “John Skipper’s girl” Jemele Hill … https://www.sarahpalin.com/2017/09/12/espn-host-attacks-trump-twitter-tirade-social-media-users-instantly-lose/?ref=Ads

  • Brien Martin

    Hoping someone here might know the answer …. does anyone know what font type NBC was using on their Thursday Night Football score bug this past week? I like it and would like to find it to use on a project I’m working on. Thanks.

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  • Salsipuedes

    Just stumbled on this website for the first time. Find it hard to believe that anyone working here can hold their meals down with sports media as the main focus. Journalists are rightly held in contempt for their democratic activism and now rank lower than used car salesman and dog catchers on the societiy esteem scale. Ask most people whats the lowest form of journalism (I should say activism), and I bet they’ll tell you sports journalism. “Oh, Ben Simmons is just a god”, please don’t make me puke.