Your NHL Announcing Schedule for the week of 10/21

United States Tuesday, October 21 Philadelphia Flyers vs. Chicago Blackhawks, 8:30 p.m. ET (NBCSN) - Dave Strader, Brian Engblom Wednesday, October 22 Philadelphia Flyers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins, 8 p.m. ET (NBCSN) - Mike Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire Thursday, October 23 Vancouver Canucks vs. St. Louis Blues, 8 p.m. ET (NHL Net) - Local Announcers Saturday, October 25 […]


Bo Pelini says the ESPN-SEC relationship is not good for college football

Before we get started, that’s the greatest sports picture of the year, right? College football is a universe filled with conflicts of interests and complex relationships.  Athletes and institutions, sponsors and scholarships, television networks and conferences. There’s a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” nature about the sport that always lies somewhere beneath the surface. […]


Bill Simmons goes the diplomatic route in first post-suspension comments

Bill Simmons has been back from his three week suspension for a few days now.  Relegated to Instagram pictures at the golf course for that time, one might think Simmons would come firing on all cylinders with the ESPN-branded muzzle removed. Alas, anyone hoping for more fireworks and a Simmons-led revolution has largely been disappointed. […]


Daniel Cormier is the new full-time UFC Tonight co-host

After Chael Sonnen’s firing  in the summer, the UFC had a spot to fill on the UFC Tonight desk alongside of Kenny Florian. Fox and the UFC used various fighters in the role, and they kept coming back to the same guy – Daniel Cormier. Fox made it official on Monday – Cormier would be […]

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New technology, graphics, statistics brought to NHL telecasts

Hockey fans have noticed something different on select NHL telecasts this season. Along with the usual graphics, Fox’s regional networks have been displaying something else (for most of the game) up on their usual graphic overlay. It’s a live count of each team’s shots on goal, as shown by this highlight from the weekend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8mtM503w3k&list=UUqFMzb-4AUf6WAIbl132QKA […]


Viewing Picks for October 21, 2014

All Times Eastern College Football Arkansas State at Louisiana-Lafayette — ESPN2, 8 p.m. BTN Football & Beyond 2014 — Big Ten Network, noon CFB Daily: The Experts — ESPNU, 1 p.m. College Football Live — ESPN, 2:30 p.m. College Football Playoff: Top 25 — ESPN, 7:30 p.m. Inside College Football — CBS Sports Network, 8 […]


SI’s Robert Klemko facing charges after fight with cab driver

Earlier this year, Robert Klemko of The MMQB and Sports Illustrated made news when he was briefly arrested in Ferguson, Missouri while covering the protests there. Klemko is in trouble with the law again, and this time under much different, and more troublesome, circumstances. According to CBS Chicago, Klemko is facing two charges after an incident […]


Here’s the NFL games Fox and CBS protected against flexing

You’d need a couple Ph. D’s to understand the full mechanics of the NFL’s complicated, yet highly useful, flexible scheduling system.  There’s much more to it than NBC and the NFL picking which game they get to put on Sunday Night Football. Namely, Fox and CBS are able to protect certain games throughout the season. […]


NFL Ratings, Week 7: Dallas stays hot for Fox

Regional Window (CBS) 1. Kansas City (KC vs. SD) – 36.1/59 2. Indianapolis (CIN vs. IND) - 33.7/58 3. San Diego (KC vs. SD) – 31.7/60 4. Cleveland (CLE vs. JAX) - 31.4/60 5. Cincinnati (CIN vs. IND) - 27.4/51 6. Chicago (MIA vs. CHI) - 25.7/51 7. Jacksonville (CLE vs. JAX) - 22.4/41 8. Nashville (TEN vs. WSH) - 22.3/40 […]

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Your World Series Announcing Schedule

2014 World Series: Kansas City Royals vs San Francisco Giants FOX Sports Game: Joe Buck, Harold Reynolds, Tom Verducci; Reporters: Erin Andrews, Ken Rosenthal Studio: Kevin Burkhardt, Gabe Kapler, Frank Thomas, Nick Swisher; David Ortiz (First two games) Deportes (Spanish): Pablo Alsina, Duaner Sanchez, Jose Tolentino Streaming: FOX Sports Go; MLB.com Other Broadcasts ESPN Radio: […]

NBC's Football Night in America

The AA Sunday Studio Spectacular: Football Night in America

After five weeks of reviewing Sunday morning NFL pregame shows, we now reach into primetime as we look at NBC’s Football Night in America. Established in 2006 when NBC returned to the NFL as the pregame show to Sunday Night Football, Football Night in America began as a highlights program airing all of the day’s […]


A look at the new direction of HBO’s Real Sports

I’ve long been a fan of HBO Real Sports but have found the 2014 season to be my favorite. When Real Sports debuted this season in January, there were many noticeable changes in terms of content, contributors, on screen look, and overall tone. As the year went on, I became curious about the show’s new direction […]

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The Walking Dead may end the NFL and ESPN’s 27 year winning streak

The Texans visit the Steelers tonight for ESPN’s weekly broadcast of Monday Night Football.  For the wide majority of the last decade, the game would have automatically been a shoe-in for the most watched show in cable television that week.  Since moving to ESPN in 2006, Monday Night Football has enjoyed an unprecedented run of […]

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30 For 30 Review – When The Garden Was Eden

Director - Michael Rapaport Length - 90 minutes with commercial (77 minutes without) Installment - #65 of 30 for 30/ESPN Films series Most Similar To - Bad Boys, The Fab Five Grade/Ranking - Mid to high teens out of 65. Review -  For whatever reason, I set the expectation this would be a middle of the road or perhaps even a bottom third 30 for […]