Gregg Popovich interviews are always a fascinating study in human psychology and tonight was no different.  Pop treated David Aldridge to his A+ sarcasm tonight by breaking down the first quarter in fantastic detail.

Aldridge: Pop, your impressions of the first quarter…

Pop: We’re behind and they’re ahead.

Aldridge: Why is that?

Pop: They scored more than we did and we were pretty crappy on defense. It’s been fun.

But in a twist, Aldridge then went for a THIRD QUESTION and decided to throw something different at Popovich – whether or not he wanted to know election results from New Hampshire.  I know this will shock you, but he had few words.  And the reaction said it all.

I would definitely vote for Pop ahead of pretty much anyone running for president this year.  Heck, I may just submit him as a write-in candidate anyways.

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