You ever wonder what Tim Tebow has been up to on his off days between attempted comebacks and working for the SEC Network? Well, the former Florida Gators star turned broadcaster is set to appear on Spike’s Lip Sync Battle, who released a teaser of the appearance.

In the video, Tebow is channeling his inner Rocky Balboa, lip syncing to the Survivor classic Eye of the Tiger. After jumping some rope, wearing a similar getup from Rocky, Tebow takes off his shirt, punches a giant piece of meat and then does some choreographed dance punching. He seems to focus more on the dancing than the lip syncing, but these shows are for pure entertainment purposes and don’t really need to be perfect.

Hosts LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen groove along as fellow competitor, actress Nina Dobrev dressed in full football garb, also seems to be into the 28-year-old former Denver Broncos QB’s performance.

You have to give props to Tebow for putting himself out there like this, as it’s the last place I’d expect him to see him. When I think Tim Tebow, I don’t think fun. The performance seems somewhat choreographed, so there is clearly effort that went into it. Still, it’s so very bizarre.

Tebow’s performance looks entertaining, but there’s no way it could ever top Channing Tatum’s Beyonce performance, which is by far the best thing that’s ever appeared on the show.

If you want more of Tebow dancing, he’s set to appear on the show this Thursday.

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