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The expanded CBS NCAA Tournament Selection Show was a train wreck

CBS expanded their NCAA Tournament Selection Show from a one to two-hour format for 2016, and quickly viewers took notice that the program was very dragged out.

The show started at 5:30 PM ET, and did not begin to reveal the tournament field until 5:50 PM with the West Region.

After showing us the South Region, they went to an interview with Kansas head coach Bill Self instead of just getting to the other regions:

And then things really got laughable, as Charles Barkley went to a touch screen to make his picks for the West Region (again, this is all before revealing the other three regions of the field). It’s clear Chuck had never played with the touch screen before:

After revealing the West region (in what seemed like an eternity later) it was Seth Davis’ turn at the touch screen. Davis and Ernie Johnson noted the national reaction to Barkley’s attempt with the touch screen:

All totaled, it took well over an excruciating hour for CBS to reveal the tournament field.

And the reaction from college basketball fans on Twitter, many of whom had already accessed a leaked bracket long before CBS finally got finished with announcing the field, was one of disbelief and frustration:

Advice for CBS: save us all and go back to the one-hour program and just get right to revealing the tournament field next year.

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