Scottie Pippen was court side for last night’s Bulls game. He inexplicably is brother in arms with Jason Whitlock on the fashion front.

Obviously Pippen being in attendance is something a broadcast is going to acknowledge. Shit, anyone on some of those 90’s Bulls teams is probably worth a mention, even Jud Buechler.

But when Albert did acknowledge Pippen, we were treated this odd exchange as he mistakes the guy next to him as Mark Zuckerberg.

Albert then backtracks (maybe because someone in his ear told him he was wrong). Chris Webber didn’t seem sure but didn’t correct him.  So who is Pippen talking to?

It turns out it actually is a billionaire, just one who apparently is the worst kind. From Deadspin in 2011:

The guy you’re referencing is Matthew Pritzker, the heir to the Pritzker Hyatt Hotel fortune. I went to school at American University in Washington, DC with this kid. He’s a complete douchebag and has a private jet that he frequently used to take freshmen girls to South Beach… long after he dropped out of school. This is also the kid who sued his dad over his trust fund. He’s from Chicago though… so at least he’s not a complete poser? Still a dick, though.

Sounds like a pretty cool dude. Between the Trumps, this dude, and the Hiltons, seems like this hotel old money produces a lot of cool and down to earth people you’d want to hang out with. Guarantee you Jud Buechler wouldn’t be wearing a fedora nor talking to someone like faux Zuckerberg.


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