Any current and former WWE wrestlers (er, superstars) are persona non grata on Nancy Grace’s HLN show after the wrestling world fell into an uproar over Grace’s segment last week about the death of the Ultimate Warrior. Warrior passed away last Tuesday, hours after making an appearance on Raw following his Saturday induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Grace insinuated that Warrior’s death was the result of years of steroid and drug abuse, and had former wrestler (and current yoga entrepreneur Diamond Dallas Page) on the show to talk about his death, which angered WWE officials. Grace also scrolled a list of dead wrestlers across the screen while talking about steroid deaths, including Owen Hart, who died in a tragic accident in the ring as opposed to any sort of outside the ring shenanigans, and Mark Curtis, who died of stomach cancer.

Anyway, WWE hasn’t made any official statement about Grace to their current and former personnel, but the vibe is that if they want to continue to stay in the company’s good graces (no pun intended), they’ll stay far away from Grace and her show. This is probably the best course of action for WWE – if they keep feeding the troll, she’ll keep beating her drum about…well, nothing really. Hoping that Grace simply goes away and focuses her attention on the latest tabloid cover murder is the best bet for them.


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