When you think about it, it's kind of remarkable that "inside the glass" analysts don't get hurt more often. Sure, Pierre McGuire's been nicked once or twice, but that's it, which is surprising. They're stationed in between the benches with no glass in front of them, barely a partition between them and the players, oh, and there's a bunch of gigantic supermen flying around on skates with sticks that they can't be too careful with. 

Unfortunately, one of those incidents happened in last night's Wild-Rangers telecast. Mike Greenlay, between the benches for FS North (by the way, the fact that regional networks are doing this makes it even more stunning this doesn't happen more often), took a stick to the face that looked uglier than it ended up actually being. 

Note that there's a very easy hockey diehards-only joke to be made with the fact that this was Matt Cooke's stick getting caught up high with Greenlay. He appeared to be okay once he got some brief repairs. All things accounted for, we're kind of lucky the occasional errant stick to the face is the worst these guys ever seem to get hurt. 

[GIF via SB Nation/Pic via @Eddie_G2]

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