There will be a new mascot race in Major League Baseball this season, and here at Awful Announcing, we couldn’t be more thrilled about the competitors.

During a stadium tour on Wednesday, the Chicago White Sox revealed that they will race mascots representing their four radio and television broadcasters in 2014.

Costumed versions of Darrin Jackson, Ed Farmer, Steve Stone and the one and only Hawk Harrelson will huff and puff their way around US Cellular Field between innings at White Sox home games.

The White Sox introduced their own version of the Milwaukee Brewers sausage race last season, featuring versions of Pale Hose legends Carlton Fisk, Ron Kittle and Harold Baines. But this is a million times better.

It’s great to see the team catering their in-game entertainment to their city’s personality, much like the Washington Nationals have done with their presidents race. Nothing personifies the White Sox more than Hawk Harrelson, after all.

We can only hope Hawk gets to call his own race replays, with a “HE GONE!”, a “STRETCH!”, and a “PUT IT ON THE BOARD, YES!” thrown in for good measure.

And if he loses at the finish, we hope Hawk reacts with depressed silence.

[H/T CBS Eye on Baseball]

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