It’s amazing how poetic the finish was between Ohio State and Dayton in the first game on the best day in sports.  After an Aaron Craft layup, OSU led Dayton 59-58.  Coming out of a timeout, Verne Lundquist was praising Aaron Craft as one of the great student athletes he’s covered in college sports.  Thank goodness Verne got back to the action milliseconds before we had a Mike Patrick moment.

The last minute of the game personifies Craft’s place in college basketball fandom and the history books.  After making a go-ahead basket on one end, Dayton’s Vee Sanford scored over Craft with just over 3 seconds left to give Dayton a 1 point lead.  Craft then barely missed at the buzzer and Dayton achieved a huge victory over their in-state rivals and advanced to the second round.  Now that we have our first last second game winner, March Madness has officially begun.

Now that Aaron Craft’s college basketball career is officially over… who do we get to argue about now???

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