Video: Ernests Gulbis confuses umpires with vampires

The Wimbledon press conference room has been the scene of some delightful exchanges between players and media over the years, but perhaps none as weird as this one involving Ernests Gulbis.  After hearing a question about John McEnroe suggesting getting rid of umpires and having players call their own shots, Gulbis said he completely agreed.

Gulbis then went on a bizarre screed about freedom of choice and saying what was on his mind… which didn’t make a lot of sense.  Finally, he realized that he misheard the quote and was talking about “vampires” latching on to the lives of players.  When it was brought to his attention that the reporter was talking about “umpires” and not individuals that want to suck humans’ blood, he had a hilarious epiphany…

But what are his thoughts on vampires in soccer?  It seems to be working well for Luis Suarez…

Matt Yoder

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