Tom Sestito of the Vancouver Canucks had a pretty poor night on Monday against the Los Angeles Kings. He played just one second before trying to fight an unwilling Jordan Nolan. He received 27 penalty minutes and never set foot back on the ice the rest of the game. Perhaps the worst game in NHL history.

Keith Olbermann responded by naming Sestito his nightly 'Worst Person in the Sports World' during his truncated, 6 p.m. ET broadcast on Tuesday. Olbermann is airing at 6 p.m. ET every night until the end of the Australian Open.

By the way, this is not even the first time Sestito has been trash talked on national television. Anyone remember this clip from the Rangers/Flyers season of 24/7? (NOTE: NSFW, language)

Sestito comes from a large, hockey-loving family from upstate New York. I've briefly covered his brother Tim during stints with the New Jersey Devils. However, we did not know about the Sestito sister, 13-year-old Victoria. We do now after she bluntly shared her thoughts on Mr. Olbermann.

As he is prone to do, Olbermann responded strongly to the criticism…

Victoria Sestito fired back, informing the ESPN host that he was locking horns in a Twitter fight with a teenager…

Clearly Olbermann's feud with Mike Francesa was just the warm up for his battle with Victoria Sestito.

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