This is the most Bill Walton clip ever

The long, strange trip of Bill Walton rolled into Eugene, Oregon Wednesday night as he and Dave Pasch called Washington-Oregon on ESPN2.  The highlight, naturally, was nothing basketball related.  Dan Dakich was in studio for the evening and he did the very risky thing of asking Bill Walton a question.  

Dakich asked Walton which musical groups were on his personal Mount Rushmore.  As only he could, Walton then listed more than 10 individual musicians before going on separate tangents about Woody Guthrie and Edison inventing the phonograph before coming back to basketball with a patented "TRAVELING VIOLATION!"  And all of this happened in the space of 82 seconds.

If you listen closely, you can hear Dave Pasch drop an "ay ya ya" in the background.  I hope that future generations will study the brain of Bill Walton because it could lead to so much scientific discovery.

Matt Yoder

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