On Thursday afternoon, US Olympic luger Kate Hansen tweeted out a video of a wolf in her Sochi hotel, furthering the mindset that the Sochi Olympics have been a logistical disaster. There's only one problem with that – Hansen's tweet was a hoax perpetrated by Jimmy Kimmel, who has once again created a viral video out of nothing and set the Internet ablaze.

Kimmel couldn't have picked a better scenario to craft here. The dogs that have been all over the place in Sochi have been a hot topic of discussion, and a wolf doesn't seem like too far of a logistical leap. Plus, even though Hansen didn't medal in these Games, she's become a popular figure thanks to her pre-competition dance routines.

Kimmel showed the full video of the wolf on Thursday night, which featured Kimmel dressed as a skier chasing the wolf. Hansen discussed the prank with Kimmel via Skype on his show Thursday night, revealing that she's received more backlash than she expected from the prank. Kimmel also revealed that they built a set to resemble Hansen's Olympic dorm hallway so that people in Sochi would be none the wiser.

Also – the wolf is named Rugby, and he's a timber wolf, not a husky. Hansen will be receiving the Olympic gold medal for pranking as a result of her efforts.


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