The NFL took issue with the UFC’s presence at Super Bowl Media Day

Super Bowl Media Day is in the books, and one thing is certain – the NFL will let anyone into this thing. They only have a problem when…well, I'm not sure what their guidelines are, but apparently they felt the UFC broke them.

During Media Day, the UFC's Megan Olivi was walking around with a camera crew and a UFC title belt, asking players if they were fans and if they wanted to pose with the belt. No big deal, right? The NFL, specifically Senior Director of On-Field Operations Dennis Kayser, was reportedly so outraged at the UFC that they asked Olivi and her crew to leave.

That's right – in an arena containing people dressed as Waldo and superheroes, the UFC title belt crossed a line.

The situation was defused when Jay Glazer confirmed that the UFC is a corporate partner of Fox, which will air the Super Bowl on Sunday. Kayser let the UFC staffers stay, as long as they confined their antics to the floor and not the podiums.

I don't even know what to say anymore. How could the NFL be fine with Media Day being a complete three ring circus but a UFC title belt is deemed totally unacceptable? It's ridiculous to think the NFL could be that paranoid about other sports even having a microscopic presence at their biggest media event. It serves as just another example of the growing hypocrisy of the league, especially when it comes to several issues more important than this.

Media Day is a SUPER SERIOUS affair …unless a costume is involved, I guess.


Joe Lucia

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