The NFL is skeptical about Friday Night Tykes

Last week, we brought you a preview of a new realtiy series, Friday Night Tykes, which sounds like a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea.

This week, the NFL is letting its skepticism be known, via the LA Times:

Besides screaming coaches, the preview clip also shows several helmet-to-helmet collisions.

That has the National Football League, which has been trying to reduce the number of head-to-head collisions among its players through penalties, fines and education, concerned. 

"The trailer is definitely troubling to watch," an NFL spokesman said, adding that the league being shown in "Friday Night Tykes" is not part of its Heads Up Football Program, which seeks to improve player safety in youth football.

How convenient that the NFL is concerned. The league has proven time and time again it barely cares about its own players (Exhibits A, B & C), but they are willing to step in and share their thoughts about a hideous reality show? Then again, it's easy for them to express concern over eight year olds that might never make the league, therefore never becoming the NFL's problem.

This show sounds like a horrible idea and horrible example to set for parents and children, but if it will get us to start having more serious conversations about safety, then it will at least be worth it in that regard. But we're not holding our breath on this one.

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