In the 24/7 news cycle, there’s only so many ways you can talk about the same thing before you run out of things to say.  We’ve reached that moment with the NCAA Tournament where we’re fresh out of new angles to examine the tourney.  

On the morning of the ESPN Tournament, SportsCenter aired a unique feature video that attempted to find the last conceivable way human beings could analyze the bracket.

With rats.

That’s right, ESPN set up a “rat bracket” and even “seeded” them based on their ability to crawl through a wooden maze set up in the shape of a real bracket.  This is what we have come to, ladies and gentlemen…

At least it beats First Take.

Just take a step back and realize that several people put in many hours of labor to produce a giant wooden bracket that rats could crawl through.  Experiments had to be set up, construction had to be completed, cute little rat jerseys had to be made, footage had to be shot and recorded, rat puns had to be written.  All of that hard work put forward for this short video.

Think about that.

No, really think about what that means.

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