Robert Klemko of The MMQB, Sports Illustrated’s NFL website, is in Ferguson, Missouri.  He was temporarily arrested Sunday night by Captain Ronald Johnson as the city again devolved into scenes of terror.  Klemko live-tweeted the entire encounter including the tear gas, his arrest, and subsequent release.

Klemko filed a lengthy piece at The MMQB on David Bass of the Bears, who grew up near Ferguson and experienced racial profiling, but right now it’s unknown what further coverage Sports Illustrated and The MMQB are planning as scores of individuals continue to make the journey to Ferguson.

It’s not clear why Klemko is in Ferguson as the sight of an NFL writer at the center of this massive social and political firestorm is certainly unique.  Klemko had earlier tweeted on Saturday that he was heading to Ferguson to “contribute to the coverage.”

UPDATE: Klemko isn’t writing for Sports Illustrated, but rather for corporate partner Time Magazine.  He filed this story for Time from Ferguson in the early hours of Monday morning.

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