Shannon Sharpe buries quarterbacks without rings in front of Dan Marino

Dan Marino is one of the best NFL quarterbacks of all-time. The one knock on him is one that is quite well-known – that he doesn't have a Super Bowl ring.

Heading into Sunday night's Broncos-Chargers game, the discussion on The NFL Today turned to whether or not championships validate greatness. Shannon Sharpe took the position that you can't be considered one of the best ever without a ring…leading to Marino glumly admitting that's the one thing in his career he didn't have.

Of course, Sharpe immediately backpedaled and said that there are plenty of quarterbacks with rings that aren't as good as Marino. So to summarize – you can't be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever if you don't have a ring, but just because you have a ring doesn't mean you're one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. Got all that? It's like Sharpe was putting together some sort of twisted Venn diagram while burying his own colleague.

[h/t to Twitter user @kjdenhartog]

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