Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White is not exactly known for being PC on Twitter. He has a long history of word vomiting inappropriate things all over the place. Well, he was at it again this weekend, reneging on a bet he made with a random Mercer fan. It all started innocently enough:

And White remained confident in his Dukies, even betting a follower season tickets if Duke would win:


Well, we all know how things ended for Duke, and then things started to go off the rails for Mr. White:

Wait, can I have Bears tickets too? Of course, other people started getting involved expressing discontent with White reneging on a very public bet through social media, but he wasn’t having any of it.

What do YOU have to lose, exactly? Not like you’d have to pay for those tickets! Here’s a helpful tip to athletes, don’t say something on social media if you don’t want to make good on it. Twitter isn’t a pretend universe.

That’s quite a convenient excuse there, Rod. Pay the man!

For what it’s worth, Dylan Hoyt not only doesn’t care about White paying up, but apparently was able to score a radio appearance and a conversation with White himself:

It appears things have worked themselves out, in spite of Roddy White again showing why he’s one of the worst athlete tweeters out there. Why hasn’t someone at the Falcons just taken his iPhone and put it in a locked desk drawer already?

I guess the lesson here is that March Madness brings out the super fan in everyone and we’re all prone to doing irrational things at times. Maybe White should just stick to rooting for his alma mater, University of Alabama-Birmingham, instead of making bets with Twitter followers that he doesn’t want to follow through on. Go Blazers!!

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