I know at this juncture the last thing you probably need is another update on the neverending controversy involving Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.  After the final report was released on the matter, it's thrown the story back into the news cycle once again and nobody quite knows how the league, the team, or anyone is going to react to the documented instances of workplace harrassment on a number of levels.

But after so long in the 24/7 news cycle, the story is bound to cross over into the absurd.  That's the territory Richie Incognito's Twitter account occupies.

In the wake of the Wells Report, Incognito deleted his Twitter account on February 14th.  He returned on February 16th, just two days later.  His first act was to fire his agent.

Lest you think that was some kind of ruse, here's Incognito on the Athletes First client list.  But wait, Incognito later tweeted he was joking and didn't really fire his agent via social media.

Then there's the fact that Incognito has gone from bashing Jonathan Martin on Twitter and disturbingly revealing his personal thoughts about suicide to proclaiming his loyalty to him after re-joining the service.

Well, that's rather unhinged isn't it?  None of this makes much sense, but perhaps that shouldn't be a surprise given the last few months.  Let's just hope that there's some kind of closure that happens soon because there's not too many stones left to unturn in this controversy.

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