Richard Sherman and the postgame interview heard round the world was only the beginning of his feuding with 49ers WR Michael Crabtree last night.  After Sherman called out Crabtree in his epic interview with Erin Andrews, the two traded barbs back and forth in postgame press conferences.  THEN, they did what any other athletes in a legit beef do.

They took to Twitter and subtweeted the bejezus out of one another.

Crabtree scoffed at Sherman's claim that he's the best cornerback in the league and made good use of the hashtag #fake.

Sherman, showing his Stanford education, got philosophical in calling Crabtree a sheep.

For the record, the final stats show that Crabtree had 4 catches for 52 yards on 8 targets.  Colin Kaepernick threw for just 153 yards total and threw 2 interceptions in the fourth quarter, including the Sherman tip that was ultimately picked off by Malcolm Smith.  When you combine the stats with making the game-winning play, Sherman definitely wins this round.

Sour grapes and poor sportsmanship?  Bring it on!  A good feud has spiced up this rivalry and given us a whole lot more ammunition to get through the sludge that is the two week break before the Super Bowl.  Of course, all the dissecting of the Sherman-Crabtree feud by NFL analysts masquerading as amateur psychologists will grow tiresome by Wednesday, but let's enjoy it while it's fresh.

How great would it be if Crabtree just dogged Sherman throughout the entire Super Bowl while sitting at home on his phone?  What if these two became the Richard Deitsch and Darren Rovell of NFL Twitter?  Now that would make the offseason much more entertaining.

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