Philly radio host nearly chokes to death on cheesesteak

Angelo Cataldi has been a fixture on Philadelphia sports talk radio for years. But that nearly came to an end on Tuesday – because of a cheesesteak.

While filming a commercial to hype up Friday's Wing Bowl at the Wells Fargo Center, Cataldi took a monstrous bite of a cheesesteak and it got stuck in his throat. Without anything to drink, Cataldi was choking to death until Spike Eskin, the son of Howard Eskin, another long-time Philly radio stalwart, saved Cataldi's life by performing the Heimlich maneuver.

In typical sports talk fashion, the near-death experience soon turned became humorous, as Eskin and co-host Keith Jones began to make cracks about Cataldi nearly choking to death

The burning question on my mind – where did they get the cheesesteak? If Cataldi choked on it, it must have been pretty dry – and that's not a steak I want anything to do with.


Joe Lucia

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