No, Barbie isn’t on the 50th Anniversary SI Swimsuit Cover


The SI Swimsuit cover was released Thursday night with much fanfare.  After back to back years of Kate Upton on the cover, this 50th Anniversary edition featured Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge, and everyone's favorite SI model Chrissy Teigen.  And, yea… there's not really that much swimsuit there, but that's obviously beside the point.

But the reveal of this year's SI swimsuit cover wasn't without a brief and weird moment of controversy after a Barbie promotional campaign was taken to be the real cover by many.

Salon bashed Sports Illustrated's "absurd, trolling Barbie cover." And there were plenty of other reactions tearing SI limb from limb for prominently featuring the doll.

It seems that there were plenty of people and news outlets that thought Barbie was actually going to be on the cover of the magazine itself.  Instead, the Barbie cover was just an advertisement from Mattel, who has partnered with the magazine.  In fact, according to the New York Post, about 1,000 of the Barbie issues were handed out at a toy fair in Manhattan, but some poeple indeed thought it was the real cover.

So never fear, there are in fact real, live women on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition this year.  Although ESPN's Body Issue just got a great idea to put a naked G.I. Joe action figure on their cover for real.

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