The Super Bowl halftime show has been quite the hot topic ever since Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction during the 2003 contest. Since then, the NFL has picked its performers with kiddie gloves and added double sided tape to the list of wardrobe requirements. Well, now the league is adding something new: pay it forward.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the NFL is asking the three finalists for the next halftime show to donate post Super Bowl earnings to the league. The finalists include Coldplay (is it still 2005?), Rihanna (would she be sober enough to care?) and Katy Perry (can she trick Russell Brand into paying for her?).

The performers do it for free because of the exposure (literally and figuratively of course), but it’s not like the NFL doesn’t already have enough money. Why are they asking for more? Pro Football Talk makes an interesting point:

“And it’s entirely possible that the league leaked the development in order to pressure one of the three to blink, given that plenty of other performers who would gladly give up a piece of a pie they otherwise don’t have will now be calling the league to offer  whatever the league wants for the privilege of playing to one of the biggest audiences in TV history.”

So, like, maybe Fountains of Wayne could pay to play Stacy’s Mom for 12 minutes in a row and then rev-share the resurgence of album sales with the NFL afterwards?

But why does the NFL need the extra money? So Roger Goodell can get a pay increase per penalty flag this year? This is just pure greed from the No Fun League.

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