NBC wrote scoring summary on the glass at Winter Classic

While realistically rigidly planned for a long time in advance, NBC often seems to improvise and wing their way through the Winter Classic in some aspects. Hence, this moment in the second period after Daniel Alfredsson scored the game's opening goal. Afterwards, as you can see, the statistician working the game wrote the traditional scoring summary of the goal on the actual glass being used for the game.

It was a pretty solid day for NBC in the great outdoors. There were few slipups, play-by-play man (and, as it was announced during the game, NSSA Sportscaster of the Year winner) Mike "Doc" Emrick carried most of the day and did it wonderfully. Eddie Olczyk and Pierre McGuire tend to shine in these games as well, because their amped up enthusiasm levels just seem more appropriate for the outdoor spectacular vs. a typical regular season game.


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The Peacock was definitely a huge part of making the Ann Arbor Winter Classic great, capturing the beauty of 100,000 people in a college football stadium watching a hockey game. It gave me an almost too perfect idea for a future Winter Classic, perhaps after next year's game in Washington: what about the Chicago Blackhawks making Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend their home ice for a day? I can't possibly imagine NBC hasn't though of it before.

Overall, The colors were terrific, the shots were breathtaking. As a hockey fan, about a week ago I wasn't all that jazzed for the Winter Classic. Between the upcoming half-dozen outdoor games and burnout on 24/7, it was looking like it'd just be another day at the rink. However, as we ran up to it and saw all the alumni action and the snow at Michigan Stadium, I'll admit I feel re-energized for the event, and future outdoor games to come. 

Steve Lepore

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