Mike Francesa fooled by Artie Lange recording prank call

The new trend in the epic struggle of Mike Francesa vs Prank Callers is callers playing recordings for the sports pope instead of asking if his refrigerator is running.  While Francesa wasn't fooled by his own voice, one caller yesterday did get a recording of Artie Lange straight past the WFAN host.  "Arthur in Hoboken" is really a recording from a TMZ video from last year!  Francesa has a history with Artie Lange fans as prank callers, but this one takes it to an entirely new level.  If you can prank call Mike Francesa without him swatting you down like a gnat, then you've accomplished your goal.

Does Fox Sports 1 truly know the Pandora's box it's opening in bringing this to a national audience?

[WFAN Audio]

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