The Daily Show correspondent John Oliver parlayed his two months guest hosting the program while Jon Stewart was filming a movie into a deal with HBO. His new program, Last Week Tonight premiered on Sunday, and there are obviously similarities between his new job and old. The show is a half-hour, satirical look at American politics and news coverage, and the first episode was almost unusually strong for a comedy show.

Oliver also dipped his toes into the sports world. In a brief segment, using only B-roll footage, he covered the various scandals regarding treatment of cheerleaders in the National Football League, sarcastically naming the league “Workplace of the Week.” The bit is very funny, and very sadly real, as the best bits of The Daily Show are.

A good bit from Oliver’s new series, which also briefly poked fun at the Donald Sterling scandal. Always good to have another show around to poke fun at the absurdities of news, especially when sports are part of that news.

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