Chicago White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson has been given a new lease on life so far this season, what with his team actually finding ways to win games and not being crushed by one walkoff defeat after another.

Last night during the 8th inning, the White Sox turned an important double play to quash a Red Sox rally.  Hawk got so excited that he let out what is quickly turning into one of our favorite catchphrases in broadcasting:

There’s a couple unique things about this Hawk Harrelson mini-explosion.  First, analyst Steve Stone was handling play by play at the time and Hawk came to life afterwards.  Secondly, we’ve heard Hawk use his patented “YOU’VE GOTTA BE BLEEPIN ME” line for occasions where he was furious at the umpires or apoplectic with his poor team’s performance.  It’s quite the reaction for when the White Sox actually did something good!

The southsiders are off to an 8-8 start this year even though they went on to lose last night’s game 3-1.  Unfortunately we haven’t had any Sad Hawk Harrelson moments of silence yet this year, but a little color in the rest of his commentary wouldn’t be the worst outcome either.  I just can’t wait till Hawk forgets to self-edit the “BLEEPIN.”

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