Are you ready for Toddlers and Tiaras meets Friday Night Lights?  Of course you aren't.  Nobody is.  But don't let that stop the Esquire Network (whatever that is) from televising what looks to be the most cringeworthy idea for a sports reality series imaginable.

The premiere airs on January 14th at 9 PM ET.  Here's what the official description on the Esquire Network website says about the series:

"In America, football is king… and nowhere is football bigger than in Texas. With exclusive access to the 8 to 9 year-old Rookies division of the Texas Youth Football Association, this 10-part docuseries follows five teams on and off the field during the 2013 season. Throughout, coaches and parents offer insight into why they believe they’re teaching valuable lessons about discipline and dedication, but also grapple with serious questions about parenting, safety and at what price we're pushing our kids to win." 

That's right – an entire reality series following grade school children playing football.  Actually, check that.  The series will follow the psychotic parents and coaches pushing these children to the brink.  Oh, and those "serious questions" about safety appear to be a coach crawling on the ground beside a struggling 8 year old yelling at him that he can't quit and another coach screaming at an 8 year old to tell him to hit an opponent in the head even if it knocks him out.  Watch the trailer below.

Nightmare reality series can fall in a few different categories.  You have the ones that are ultimately meant to make you laugh along with the subjects like Ryan Lochte or Honey Boo Boo or even the one about Pete Rose.  Then there are the ones that make you fear for humanity because of the people involved.  Most of them air on TLC – Hoarders, Dance Moms, Toddlers & Tiaras, Extreme Cheapskates, My Strange Addiction.  And then there's the Kardashians, they have an entire nightmare category to themselves.

Friday Night Tykes falls in that second, most disturbing category of reality shows.  This spotlight on obsessive Texas youth football looks terrifying.  In fact, this show may end up being the best advertisement to keep your kids away from football.

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