Fan at Padres game gives out phone number on national TV, chaos ensues

During Sunday’s Braves-Padres game, Stephen Kondor had a foul ball taken away from him by Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman. After nearly getting his souvenir, Fox Sports South’s Tom Hart caught up with Kondor to get his reaction, and that’s when things got a little bit hairy.

That’s right – the kid shot out his phone number on national television. I think the look on Hart’s face sums up his reaction perfect – unrestrained glee with unquestioned fear. I don’t think that’s going to fly on the SEC Network, Tom.

This morning, Hart tweeted out the aftermath of Kondor’s situation – 3,000 text messages from unknown numbers.

Well, I think he got his wish. Plenty of ladies, and gentlemen, are hitting him up.

[Fox Sports South]

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