Ever since 2004, Charles Wang has been the majority owner of the New York Islanders. Seemingly, ever since that day, Islander fans have been trying to get rid of him. They may get their wish someday soon, but not yesterday, despite a strange report saying otherwise.

It all started when Sportsnet put out a story linking to tweets put out by NBC Sports Radio producer Lou Pellegrino.



To the dismay of Islander fans (some seemingly already dancing on Wang’s grave), the report turned out to be false. Pellegrino (who I am friendly with, and has never been known to spread rumors) then claimed he’d been hacked by a co-worker, later deleting his account. This was chronicled by notable hockey blogger Greg Wyshynski.



Count me in agreement with Greg on both accounts. Lou is a good dude who caused some craziness to happen in the hockey news cycle, and then unfortunately ran away from that. Hopefully, he’ll come back and explain things sometime in the near future.

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