College football is about a month away, which means the networks are starting to finalize their plans. While ABC has owned Saturday primetime, Fox continues to try and edge its way in with a weekly game that starts slightly earlier each week. CBS doesn’t go to primetime for football often, but they’re taking advantage of their once every other year Notre Dame-Navy contest by doing just that.

The annual rivalry between the Fighting Irish and the Midshipmen will take place at FedEx Field in Landover, MD on November 1st, with CBS televising the game at 8 p.m. ET. The game will be part of a triple header on the network, with the network’s weekly SEC game (in this case, the Florida-Georgia rivalry) and an Army-Air Force showdown preceding it.

I’m interested to see how this game does. ABC has had some success with Notre Dame in primetime, but NBC’s “Shamrock Series” where the Irish battle a prominent opponent in an NFL stadium neutral site hasn’t made a ratings dent. This game will have a pretty good lead-in, but how much Notre Dame-Navy remains a draw will depend on how the first two months of the season goes for Notre Dame. Also, do they put Verne in primetime, or keep him on one of the SEC’s biggest rivalries? These are the questions that only Awful Announcing is brave/bored enough to ask.

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