Former NFL quarterback Scott Mitchell should be good at losing. That’s the built-in joke any time you’re talking about a player who spent time with Miami, Detroit and Cincinnati and is now slated to take part in a reality show entitled, “The Biggest Loser.”

In what might be considered a slight attempt at cross-promotion but is actually an ingenious way for the NFL to publicize its apparent quest to improve the health of its current and former players, Mitchell and former offensive lineman and current ESPN analyst Damien Woody will take part in the upcoming season of the NBC series, which premieres Sept. 11.

According to his profile page on NBC’s website, Mitchell currently weighs in at 366 pounds, which is a 53 percent rise over his Pro Football Reference playing weight of 240. For some perspective, this is a 320-pound Jared Lorenzen. And although Mitchell is now 46, that’s quite remarkable.

Woody, 36, is sort of jumping networks from the Worldwide Leader to the Peacock, but this isn’t sports programming so I guess there’s no harm done. He was always a 300-pounder, but his profile page lists him at 388, which indicates he’s gained nearly 70 pounds since retiring in 2011.

Here’s what the former Jet, Patriot and Lion told People this week:

“When I told my wife and kids, ‘Hey, Biggest Loser wants me to come on,’ my kids were like, ‘Dad are you serious? You totally got to do this.’ I’d never watched The Biggest Loser before but my wife was like, ‘Listen, go handle your business. I’d rather lose you for a few months than something happen down the road.’ So here I am.”

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