ESPN didn't have the broadcast rights to either of the NFL's conference championship games, but that didn't stop the network from weighing in via its official Twitter account. On Sunday, nearly nine million followers found out what a social media fumble looks like.

It began innocently enough, with a rather cliché tweet setting up the games.

That obvious statement got nearly 2,400 retweets. Such is Twitter.

Later, we were treated to a "get off my lawn" moment as the account joked about future kids not appreciating the Tom Brady-Peyton Manning rivalry, which was on display again in Sunday's AFC Championship Game.

But the true ESPN social media masterpiece came in the second half of that Denver Broncos-New England Patriots matchup. The Broncos never trailed in the game, en route to a 26-16 victory. Trailing 23-3 in the fourth quarter, the Patriots rallied as Brady found Julian Edelman for a seven-yard touchdown to ultimately make it 23-10.

ESPN's Twitter account responded with this.

Where do we begin? 

Are there fruits called "receiver lemons" that we've never eaten, seen or ever heard of? If it was in reference to Brady's receivers letting him down, he had just thrown a touchdown to a receiver, so it made zero sense.

The reaction was priceless.

As you can see, the tweets haven't been deleted, and they've been shared thousands of times.

And that's not to mention the goofy cartoons that show up regularly on the feed.

We're not quite sure what the mission statement is for the ESPN corporate account, maybe it's just meant to keep us all guessing.

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