All-world tight end Jimmy Graham is facing a tense contract negotiation with the New Orleans Saints.  If the two sides can't come to a long-term agreement, the Saints will most likely franchise tag Graham.  Because of his versatility and the way the Saints line him up, Graham wants to be paid like a receiver.  The Saints want to pay him as a tight end.

There was a mini-controversy this week as Drew Brees gave his opinion on the matter saying that in his eyes, Graham was a tight end.  Some took it as Brees holding Graham back after signing his own mega-extension with the Saints not too long ago.

To dispel any notion of that, Brees joined the Dan Patrick Show and leapt up on his table to proclaim his love and loyalty to his number one target and channeled his inner Tom Cruise in the process.

How could you not love this clip?  Brees becomes the first quarterback to publicly jump on a table in support of signing a teammate to a long-term contract on national television.  And he gets bonus points for doing it in a suit and tie too.  

As a Saints fan, I'm not too worried about Graham leaving.  A deal will get done, it may just take some time as it did with the Brees negotiations.  But if the Saints can't come to an agreement with Jimmy Graham, maybe they can sign Katie Holmes.

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