It's been an interesting week for the internet's favorite hockey goalie, Roberto Luongo. Just eight days ago, he was scrated from the outdoor Heritage Classic by the Vancouver Canucks. Then, on Wednesday, he was traded back to the Florida Panthers from the Canucks, seemingly forever ending his soap opera with Vancouver. Thanks to Canada's most-popular hockey commentator, there's a bit of an epilogue.

You see, Luongo's well known Twitter account (@strombone1) has been a repository for jokes this week.

Of course, Don Cherry took exception to this, as he takes exception to any hockey player displaying a personality that takes attention away from him for 10 minutes, on this Saturday's Coach's Corner. He went so far as to suggest Luongo "keep [his] mouth shut." Strong words from the loudest man in Canada.

Now, I know a lot of people will make fun of Grapes for calling a tweet a "text." But, to be fair, that seems to be more or less how Don tweets, by texting his producer. That must be how everyone does it!

Luongo has not responded yet, but who's to say this is really over? Luongo has the platform of one of hockey's most popular Twitter accounts, and he's a very good public speaker, and a likely candidate for TV himself one day. This could get interesting.

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